A successful Pink Walkathon for Cancer awareness in Dubai!

A successful Pink Walkathon for Cancer awareness in Dubai!

This was my first walkathon of any kind. I have never really participated in any event of this magnitude and purpose. It’s always been either for a concert or for a movie. Im happy that I did make it to the Walkathon. It was really amazing.

Yesterday I went to Burjuman, registered and got my T-shirt. The walk being on Friday, I was a little skeptical that I would make it to the Walkathon. Surprisingly I did make it and was I glad I did!

Crowds were pouring in from all areas to Burjuman. Pink everywhere. Men, women, children, babies and even a lot of pets! A lot of school children participated. They were as energetic as ever, making a lot of noise! Painted pink, empty large Masafi water bottles were used as drums.

 The event was superbly organised and Volunteers in Dubai did a fabolous job. Everything was done to detail. Nothing left out. Very professional. Since I was late, I was way back from the stage. All I could see was the Pink Baloon Arch. The balloons were finally free and the walk started. We went around and back to Burjuman. It was certainly not 3.6 km of walk! I really expected a long walk. A little disappointed on that. Once back to Burjuman, we were led inside the maill. There were stalls everywhere displaying a lot of stuff for everyone. Some selling art, cupcakes (I bought one!), jewellery, t-shirts etc. There was also a calligraphy stall where you could get your name in Arabic Calligraphy in 5 minutes! There was also a Live band blasting out peppy numbers. They crowd went crazy. No guessing who were dancing near the stage! The food court was flooding. It was filled with happy excited people.

The experience was awesome. Im happy I made it and took a step in doing something useful instead of sleeping on a Friday. I hope people are getting more aware of breast cancer and are doing regular health check-ups.

I would like to thank Burjuman and Volunteer in Dubai for this initiative.

For all women reading this, please take care and spread the message of Brest Cancer and how it can be prevented. Have a healthy life and live long.

For Mom. Forever in my heart. Miss you.

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