Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

It just seems that we are getting ahead with life when suddenly everything comes crashing! Are we all destined for this? For some this is the time for a reality check for others a disaster yet for some …”I was expecting this for some time now!”. Life around the world seems to be coming to a halt. Is this a pause or a stop button?

HopeIf you have seen Kung Fu Panda, the Master Oogway tells Po when he thinks that nothing seems to going well, “Yesterday is history, Tomorrow a mystery but Today is a Gift. That is why it is called Present!” Life just goes on and does not wait for anyone for any reasons. Either you get up and get going or get lost for ever.

Being in the UAE has always been a mixed feeling, especially when you have most of your loved ones back home. As expats our lives tend to go very fast and before you know it you know it, you are married, have kids, kids go to school, college and its time for their marriage! When you do look back and see what you have acheived, you would be amazed to find out that it’s either nothing or very little indeed! Is this the life we all wanted? Of course not! What are we missing here?

In a country where the law is still not understood by expats, and where we cant express ourselves to the government, it is impossible to be content with what is going on. The confidence level is so low that we dont know if we will be able to see it again! So many job losses, so many dues to pay, so many this, so many that but not a drop of money! If people could do part time work, then maybe some burden of theirs could be done with. We need people to start thinking that things could work for them.

Some time or the other things have to be back to where it was or even better. We as poeple should beleive that all things happen for the better and thing will change for us. Am I preaching? Sorry if I am. The point is we all have our lifes to live and recession or no recession, life goes on. Times goes by. We grow old. We die. Or maybe die before we grow old! So let us beat this recession and let us live. Let s take positive steps and lets hope that we are more prepared for future recessions (i am sure you have not seen the last or the wordt of this!).

Happy living.

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