As if bed bugs were not enough – mosquitoes in dubai!

As if bed bugs were not enough – mosquitoes in dubai!

For the past few days i have killed nearly 5! I am not writing from jail and certainly I am not wanted by the police! It’s mosquitoes that were killed! 5! Is that even a count? I’ve been in Sharjah, UAE for nearly 6 years and haven’t seen any mosquitoes!… until now that is. The favourite pet pest in the UAE is the famous bachelors bug or the bed bug. It thrives oh heat and of course blood! It likes bachelor pads for the single reason because they are very clean and hygienic! If you kill one you bring 100’s more. Only a few ways to get rid of them, drown them in water, scotch tape them, bomb them (they have a special bomb where you place the bomb in the room and seal the room so that no air escapes…it works – be gone for 24 hrs, else you go with the bugs!), or leave the country! We have come to live with them, drowning, taping and bombing them frequently.

The recent rain has brought a new pe(s)t – Mosquitoes! I don’t think they will last the summer but the point is- they have arrived! Brings back memories of home – nets, good night liquid, tortoise coils…

Welcome my friends. Have a great summer!

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  1. Hi! Ive heard about these bombs, where can I get them? Even if how much you try to keep a house clean these bedbugs find you. I had to throw my bed out the other night and Im sure they are still hiding there somewhere.

    please help! or a recommend a tried a tested pest control in dubai.


  2. Hello,

    wow Glad to hear about this Bomb. Ineed it. Please help me. From where I could get it? Very very urgent.
    Or give some contact numbers atleast…

    Thanking you in Advance,

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