Beat Breast Cancer – Free Mammogram drive in Dubai

Beat Breast Cancer – Free Mammogram drive in Dubai

Beat Cancer

This year Safe and Sound are giving away free mammograms to low income women in Dubai, women who ordinarily would not be able to afford this life saving scan which normally costs between AED 400 – 750, as a result of the very succesfull 2009 Walkathon which you all so heartfully supported.

Beat Breast Cancer

Beat Breast Cancer

If you can think of a woman, or women (you can nominate as many as you want) who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to afford what can be a life saving scan and who fits the nomination criteria (see below) then all you have to do is follow the instructions below. We will then be in touch to tell you when you can come along and collect the vouchers that she can use to get her mammogram at participating hospitals. You will also need to assume some responsibility in making sure that she avails of the voucher.

Nomination criteria:

  • women above 40
  • resident of uae

How to nominate someone:

  • identify a woman who fits the criteria
  • speak to her about the project
  • get her approval
  • get a copy of her ID, be it passport or pataka (basically anything that clearly shows her name and date of birth)
  • email us with her details (name, date of birth and nationality) and your name and contact details

Our email address is

Please note vouchers will be allocated on a first come first serve basis and until quantities last.

Nominations need to be submitted before Thursday, 17th June 2010. – More details on Breast Cancer, early detection, diagnosis and treatment.

Please spread the word. It could save a life of someone close to your heart. Make people aware. – No one can do everything, but everyone can do something!

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  1. My housekeeper needs a free mammogram. Her mother died of breast cancer when she was a small girl.

    Thank you,
    Patricia Talbot

  2. Hi Patricia

    Free mammograms will be offered this Friday, 22 October at Bur Juman mall, from 12-8pm. You will need to nominater the person. Nomination forms can be downloaded via: You should fill in the form with the details of the person you are nominating; explain the disclaimer in the form.

    You can also mail for more info.

  3. Hi, Just missed the opportunity to get one of the free mammogram vouchers for myself on 22nd.

    Is is possible for me to get one.My husbands salary is not enough for me to get test for myself.

    Age is 40 yrs
    Family history : Maternal Grandmother died of breast cancer.

  4. hi,to every body i am very intersting to do this check,cause some times i fell some pain in my left breast ,i am very much worry my grand mother died by this disease.if its possible to get an appointment it will be great .

    Thank you

  5. Hi Elvira and Majda. I have requested to give you free mammograms if you cannot afford it. Free mammograms are given to people who really cant afford. If you can afford then please let someone deserving have it. If you cant afford then please send me your contact details so that I can forward them to Safe and Sound. You should be 40+ and the mammograms will take place only after the the Pink Walkathon which will take place on Nov 5th.

  6. Dear ravoof ,
    Thanks you for your help its so nice from your side ,really i cant do this test its coast to much my work doesnt provide any medical insurance so please if its possible just request for it i need this test urgent appreciate
    Thanks you

  7. Dear Ravoof,

    My name is altams and writing on behalf of a MNC company in Dubai, We are planning for a Breast Cancer awareness campaign, in this regards I would like to meet you and get some feedback & support. Please contact me at the earliest.

    Many Thanks,


  8. Dear Mr. Ravoof,

    Could you inform to me the mamogram test for the below average class patient without insurance card.



  9. Dear Ravoof,
    I am a student of Heritage University located in the U.S. and I am also the president of the Student Government Association. I wish to create a ‘Mammogram Drive’ for the local community. This university is surrounded by poverty and there is desperate need for such an event to happen. I would love to get some feedback or advice as to how to start this great cause. I welcome the opportunity to get in contact with you.

    Kindest Regards,

  10. hi Ravoof,

    can i kindly know why you do not offer free mamograms to persons below 40 years.


  11. Hi Perpetual.

    Please note that I am not providing the FREE mammograms. It is done by the government and a few private organisations.

    Normally it is understood (by research), that women tend to get lumps after 40 years. Another reason is to avoid everyone availing the services FREE and not giving a chance to women who actually require it. That doesnt mean to say women of lesser age do not get it. You can always do a mammogram anywhere, no matter how old you are, but you have to pay. I heard it is normally around AED 700 (please correct me if I am wrong).

    I wish you a healthy life.

  12. Hi, i need a free mammogram test. Am 41 yrs. old and i don’t have a medical insurance to afford the test.

    If there’s any chance that you can help me about this.

    thanks a lot.

  13. im not sure of any right now. please keep checking the papers. if i do come to know of any i will certainly inform.

  14. Hi Mr Ravoof,
    Can we be updated through email for any opportunity like this which I missed already.
    I am turning 35, but I am a PCO Patient since last 10 years and undergoing for too much medications but hopeless results.
    I cant afford more treatments,
    Is it possible to have this free memogram for me plz,
    Im doubting for breast cancee as suffering from pain and lumps Since last 7 to 8 months.
    plz advice

  15. Please do go and do a checkup ASAP. Im not sure of any free camps. I will try to find out and inform. I hope its not as you think it is. Please take care.

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