Donate to save the lives of children with Heart Ailments –

Donate to save the lives of children with Heart Ailments –

Nishant Shanmugam

The baby you see here is Nishant Shanmugam, aged 8 months and weighing 4.5kgs. He was in gross cardiac failure with severe dysfunction of the left ventricle and severe pulmonary hypertension. The parents were very poor and were in tears. What would you do if you were the parents of that child. Absolutely no idea. Luckily for them, the Alfred Solomon Heart Foundation led by Dr Neville Solomon, Dr Muthukumaran and Dr Prasad, Pediatric Cardiologists, operated on the child successfully. The cost of the whole operation was done thanks to the donations by many. Mr Abdul Sheik and Mrs Naseema and their friends in Dubai raised the money for baby Nishant Shanmugam’s surgey. Apollo also agreed to a significant concession. The baby had an uneventful postoperative course and was discharged on the 6th postoperative day. He will have a normal lifespan. The look of joy on the father’s face as he carried the child home was worth all this effort! It was PRICELESS!

What led Naseema, who lives in Dubai, to help this child was because of her own personal traumatic experience in September 2009. All parents want their newborn to be hale and healthy. A picture perfect baby, right out of a TV commercial. What she saw in the hospital changed her perspective completely. So many children suffering from numerous heart problems but with insufficient funds to have their babies treated. The ugly side of life.

Baby Nishant is now recovering and doing well. When you see how your efforts have made a difference, you never want to stop. This made her start Helping Hand. Naseema has now got a list of 10 children from Apollo Hospital who require surgery. She plans to raise the amount of AED 89,394 to help these children live normal lives. She has started collecting donations and raising people’s awareness.

With regard to this wonderful cause, Naseema along with me, have created this website to give more information on the children, donation etc. It will also show the amount we have collected so far and the target to reach. We hope that this website will help inspire you to donate for a wonderful cause.

We are a bunch of people who complain for silly reasons. There are so many children suffering and we complain about simple things. Let us all do something for the community and give back to it.

Let’s give HOPE to these children and make their lives bright with fun, joy laughter and good health.

Please Donate now!

Visit –

Naseema Razak – 00971501929390 or

You can also call or donate to me – 050 679 88 44 –

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