DTAC, Abu Dhabi – where dreams came true! – 2

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Well it was the final day and was the day when dreams came true or came crashing down! But for us in the audience, was one of the best moments we would ever experience. Before the results were announced, the people who made DTAC happen were recognized. The Best Club Newsletter was also announced. Finally the District 79 Newsletter was released by the Toastmasters International Director Mohammed Murad. It was a great feeling that the newsletter I designed was to be released to so many Toastmasters. I was the happiest guy on stage that day. It was even sweeter when everyone liked it! What a feeling!

Well, the results of the DTAC 2009 held in Abu Dhabi, were announced and hence here are the results.

Table Topics

1. Sujit Sukumaran
2. Hemalata Thawani
3. Abraham Thomas

Humorous Speech

1. Mohammed Essa
2. Tariq Al Qahtani
3. Mohamed Abdulla Isa

International Speech

1. Koka Prasad
2. Mohammed Essa
3. Loy Machedo

Mathew was placed in the top 5. He did a splendid speech and we in Lagoon Toastmasters are really proud of him. It is no laughing matter, is it?!

Loy Machedo came 3rd, but his performance was world class. His was the ONLY speech which stood out from the rest. Congratulations Loy! You “ROCK”!

Speaking about the winners, they were of course the best. Koka Prasad will now be representing our District in the US. All the best to him. Incidentally he won the DTAC last year too and had represented us then also.

Well that’s it for now.

DTAC 2016 latest updates and registrations.

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