Flip Media launches Naviflix in Dubai!

Flip Media Launches iPhone Application for Moviegoers in the UAE

Flip Media, the region’s largest interactive agency, has launched an exciting new iPhone application for movie-goers in the Middle East.

Naviflix, now available in the Apple iTunes store, is a one stop shop mobile application that gives users instant access to real time movie listings and show times for cinemas across the UAE.

On the launch of the application, Dinesh Lalvani, Managing Partner of Flip Media said, “We are always looking for ways to harness the advances of mobile technology to benefit consumers. Most of us here at Flip are big movie buffs, and we saw a void in the market for useful, on- the-go information catered to cinema-seekers.”

He continued, “The UAE is the region’s second-largest film market, with over 200 cinema screens, and gross box office receipts of US$74 million.* Those figures, coupled with the fact that increasingly people are accessing information through smart phones, makes mobile apps a strategic touch point to reach consumers.”

User-friendly and simple to navigate, Naviflix gives movie-goers the ability to browse movie listings from all Reel Cinemas, Cinestar and Grand Cinema locations with just a flick of a finger. The application taps into the iPhone’s core location based technology to find theaters closest to the user. Information can easily be sorted by movie title, location or show times. Users can also mark movies as favorites , read film synopsis and cast lists and even view trailers.

Naviflix - Imthiaz Rafiq

Naviflix also includes a strong social media component. Imthiaz Rafiq, Head of Flip’s Mobile Applications Development, said: “Going to the movies and deciding what to watch is usually a group activity, so we created a built in social media connect to encourage users to engage in real time conversations via Facebook and Twitter. Within the application, people can post films they are considering watching and get immediate feedback from friends.”

Naviflix has also been carefully designed to be able to integrate with any cinema’s mobile ticketing option. “We hope to partner with local cinemas who want to enable ticket purchasing through mobile phones,” said Yousef Tuqan Tuqan, CEO of Flip Media.

Flip has also developed a mobile web version of the application which is compatible with other handsets such as Blackberry, Nokia N Series and Android phones. Also in the pipeline are a native application for the Android phone and an  Apple iPad application. In addition, Flip plans to roll out Naviflix in other regional markets in the coming months.

Source: http://www.flipcorp.com/en/news/read/news/flip-media-launches-iphone-application-for-moviegoers-in-the-uae.html

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