Good food in Dubai – some nice hangouts!

Last night as usual our gang of Sadiq, Thowfiq a guest Ibrahim and me went out for dinner in Dubai. Without a thought we just went straight to our joint. It was the Reef Deira restaurant! You thought i was going to mention some glam restaurant? Most of the time when we are in Dubai and cannot decide where to go, the only choice is here! This joint is on the Al Muteena road on the same line as the LuLu Shopping Center. A lot of restaurants line up that area. So if you are willing to try it out you can visit the place. There is a park next to the road and during the night especially now, it is really excellent to sit out… yes you have tables out … and just enjoy your food and just while your time away. You can hop into Sheraton Deira or the Marco Polo Hotel which are a minutes walk away. You can have a bite and crash into a disco!

What do these guys serve? hmmm.. typically this is a mallu (Malayalee, Kerala) joint. So all mallu food, mallu chinese, mallu shawarma, mallu arabic,  mallu western, mallu pakistani. It’s all mallu! You also get hot drinking water which is flavoured with cumin seeds, called jeera water or jeera vellam! This usually helps in digestion. Our typical dish we order is Beef Chilli and Chicken kadai with parotta. There are so many dishes, so just go there and try it out. Its a nice place with decent food.

For Sharwarma there is a place in Deira Nasser Square behind HSBC bank. Im not sure of the name. It is just amazing. You have a choice of Chicken or Mutton – spicy/ non spicy. They make it and put it in the grill to make it crisp. The wonderful taste along with the crispiness make it an amazing treat. I will update the details of the shop.

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