Jakkuboys – The Lighter side of the Office (tamil)

Jakkuboys – The Lighter side of the Office (tamil)

This was an amazing movie! A simple storyline with lots of humour.  All characters did a wonderful job. The script was well written by Thiru. Murali Krishnan and acted out very well. You would simply love it.

Hats off to the people behind this. Produced by Scube Productions – http://www.scubeproductions.com.


Watch and enjoy!

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  1. Bawaal, superb, ekdum fantastc, mindblasting.
    Please make more movie like this.


  3. I started playing this movie at 1 AM in the morning and i was terribly feeling sleepy. Even though, I can’t just stop viewing this movie fully. Really a wonderful movie which peels the skins of IT industry. To say it shortly, “machi, sema movie daa!!!! I liked it :)”

  4. Indeed a good movie. I have watched this so many times I can now repeat all the dialogues! Really amazing. Thanks for watching it here.

  5. Awesome movie.. Superb lyrics and screenplay.. hats off in bringing the truth.. Let all managers watch this movie clipping!! 🙂

  6. Brilliant Guys…Awesome movie…

  7. its the day to day happenings in IT industry filmed appropriately 🙂 rocking video!!

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