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Have you ever wanted to search in Tamil or Hindi and never found a way. I just stumbled across a news article in The Hindu today and found something quite interesting. There was this article on a search engine for Tamil and Hindi developed by Ranvir Prasad, an IAS officer currently posted as District Magistrate, Sant Kabir Nagar in Uttar Pradesh. Actually his sole purpose was to help his wife browse official Hindi documents online!

You don’t need to know how to typr in either languages, just type them in English the way it’s spoken and voila!, its transliterated instantly. Congratulations Ranvir. For more on the search engine go to the news site and the tamil/hindi search engine.

Tamil/Hindi Search Engine
Tamil/Hindi Search Engine

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  1. அன்புள்ள அண்ணா !!! இது கூட நாள்ள தான் இருக்கு

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