TEDxDubai – The Beauty of Small Things – Dubai 2011

TEDxDubai – The Beauty of Small Things – Dubai 2011


I had always attend a TED conference. After seeing numerous videos, thanks to technology, my interest to be a part of TED increased. Being in Dubai there was an opportunity this year, but again I missed getting a ticket to watch it directly. Fortunately, TEDxDubai streamed the event LIVE!

I missed out on a few speakers. Erika Ilves & Anna Stillwell, Illac Diaz, Kosta Grammatis, Chris Colwell, Danae Ringelmann. One I wanted to hear was Illac Diaz on lighting up a village with used cola bottles! Missed him.

The people I did hear speak were Maria Conceicao, William Rankin, Dr. Tariq Kashmiri & Samia Kazi, Noush Like Sploosh, Dennie Pasion, Christian Boer, Hala Kazim, Helen Papagiannis.

I was quite impressed with were Maira Conceicao, William Rankin and Helen Papagiannis. Maria has done what we all want to do. It is that little extra effort that makes all the difference. She is really a great person for helping so many children with their dreams. Helen brought back Augmented reality (http://www.ravoof.com/augmented-reality-creative-ads-with-this-new-technology/) which is more used today and in the future as well. William Rankin’s speech of starting small and achieving big really inspired me. It has given me more confidence on the next steps I have to take.

The other speeches were not up to TED levels. I hope TEDxDubai organizers bring in better speakers next time! Like William said quoting someone – Of what use is a classroom when you already have that information online. We should have speakers who talk their experiences and achievements. So please bring in good speakers next year.

Finally the people’s choice – Ali Amarsy and Loy Machedo. Loy was brilliant as usual. His speech on judging a person really touched everyone in the audience. Ali was also in his best. His natural way to connect with the audience was amazing. These 2 speakers got the loudest appreciation from the crowd!

Even though there were good and bad speeches, every one of them gave their best performance. A lot of them are not speakers but certainly achievers.

Giorgio Ungania and Natascia Radice had done a fantastic effort of organizing such a prestigious event. Thank you.

In all it was a great event.


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