So much excitement with the Dubai Metro!

There has been much excitement regarding the launch of the Dubai Metro and I can see why not. A few years ago it was a dream and now a reality! Not many countries or cities can see such progress in such a short span. Dubai is certainly different. His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, a visionary and a great leader inaugurated the Dubai Metro on 09-09-09 at 09:09:09.

Dubai Metro
Dubai Metro

Unfortunately I am still on holiday in India and just waiting to return to Dubai to test ride the Dubai Metro. The feedback from friends have been great. One speculation that the prices were going to be high was proved wrong with quite reasonable rates. They should introduce seasonal and festive tickets as well. Keeping ticket prices low will attract more passengers. Let’s hope the don’t increase the rates in the near future.

The problem with this country is the heat. People just can walk a few feet in the hot sun. This comes as a disadvantage for people who have to walk to their offices. Of course cabs and buses are available, but it comes with its own problems like time and another expense. Nothing can be done regarding that unfortunately.

I have been on the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) in Honk Kong and in Singapore. I liked the HK one better. It is a lot simpler, cheaper, faster. Stations are aplenty and stations excellent. Getting tickets was a breeze. The trains bigger and cleaner. It was always a joy travelling on the MTR. There were no paper tickets. All tickets were plastic, even one way tickets. The one way tickets are not returned to the passenger in the destination station. This way a lot of paper waste is avoided. In Singapore paper tickets are found everywhere! A big mess. I still haven’t used the Dunai Metro so I am not sure how it is compared to these cities.

The Dubai Metro is sure a huge boost for the economy. People will certainly use it if its affordable, if parking is available and not a problem, if it is more accessible to offices and residential areas, if there are good connecting services etc. This will all be possible, because this is Dubai.

It would be great if all the Emirates would be connected by metros.

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