The ‘Puthur Kattu’ (Bone Setting) experience in Chennai

The ‘Puthur Kattu’ (Bone Setting) experience in Chennai

Two months ago my dad tore a ligament on his right shoulder while carrying my daughter Afifa out of a car. Actually we thought he dislocated his shoulder because of a very audible ‘crack’ emanating there. He is all but 65 years young so you can imagine what pain he must be going through. Well we went to St. Isabella’s Hospital in Mylaopre in Chennai and the doctor told that he had not dislocated his shoulder but tore a ligament. He also told us that it will heal automatically in 3-4 weeks, and to just keep the hand in a sling. A month passed with no improvement. So we consulted another orthopaedic who had a curious way of treating it! Everyday for the next 2 weeks he kept twisting and turning his arm and giving ‘electric shock’! He also gave a cream to apply in the night. This treatment only added to his agony.

Finally we finally decided to give it the ultimate treatment as suggested by a lot of people. The famous “Puthur Kattu” or “Puttur Kattu” (pronounced Puth-oor kat-tu) a bandage of sorts. Puthur (Puttur) is a silent Andhra village, near Tirupati, almost on the border of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. It was here that this treatment originated in 1881 and is still here to treat thousands. It is treatment using herbs mixed with egg-white.

Puthur Kattu
Puthur Kattu

This Clinic is located in Gopalapuram in Chennai. The doctor or specialist comes here once a week on Thursday. On Wednesday tokens are issued for 10 rupees each to patients who want this treatment. The time is mentioned on the tokens. It usually starts around 6 am on Thursday. I got the token on Wednesday and the time was for 6am on Thursday. We went there the next day at 6am. There were so many people around. The youngest was probably around 3-4 months and the oldest around 85 years! Some for the first time but most were for their 2nd or 3rd time. People with bones broken on the arms, legs, hips and elsewhere came. It was a sore sight. Couldn’t stand the pain these people seemed to go through. The young ones were crying. So were the adults! Such pain.

All the patients were put in a room and in the first 10 people were called into another room. This room consisted of 5 high white benches. Each patient occupied half of each bench. After a few patients were done with my dad’s name was called and we went in. We took the xrays we had taken previously in St.Isabella’s hospital. We told told the attender about the problem. He didn’t even need the xray. He said xrays don’t show the tear. Each bench had 2 attenders. There was only one doctor, Mr.Raju. The attender told us to buy 3 eggs and 2 metres of used cloth which was sold outside. Once bought he took the cloth and tore it into pieces and tied it around dad’s torso. Then he broke the eggs into a steel plate containing herbs. Only the egg-white was used. The we waited for the doctor to come to us. He finished with patients one by one and ‘fixed’ or ‘set’ bones and let the attendants finish bandaging the patients. If there were bones to be set, bamboo sticks were cut and used for support wherever necessary.

He came to dad and we explained the problem. After feeling dad’s right shoulder he said don’t worry and it would be alright after 2 ‘kattus’. First he applied the herbal mixture with egg-white on his shoulder and then took some cotton and put that over the application. Then he applied more of this green herb on top of this. Once he was done he went on to attend to the next patient. The attendant came and finished bandaging the rest. That was it. He then asked for money and took whatever was offered. He wrote a prescription and also told us to come 2 weeks later for the next ‘kattu’. Dad says he feels less pain now than before. Maybe it does work.

Treatment for broken bones is it’s speciality. It is sort of crude and no xray is used. The doctor just runs his fingers and know which bone is broken and what need to be done. This way of treatment is really painful and crude but it seems to work because of if many fan following. Maybe they should Tweet too!

All said and done I hope dad recovers from this soon. For those who want the address, I will post as it soon.

More about this can be read here from – The Hindu.

The address of Puthur Kattu in Chennai.


Dr. S. Krishnama Raju
New 53A, Old 25, SPS 2nd Street,
Chennai – 600 014.

Tel: 09393745336

You have to get token on Wednesday for treatment on Thursday. Only limited tokens so be early. Call to find out when the tokens will be issued. Please note that there will be a rush for tokens. So please take someone who can get it.

Please find directions on the map.

For the actual map please click here –

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  1. Hello sir,
    I saw nijam programe on sun told me the details of pachalai kattu.My son has 2 year old boy.He hasn’t head control for brain damage.Is any useful to get the same pachalai kattu to him?Mainly for head control.please tell me…..

  2. I am sorry to hear about your son. I am not sure if it will be useful. I will get the number of the clinic. You can call and ask them directly. It may be helpful.

  3. Hey

    Thanks for posting such a useful blog. Am 24 and actually in need of it. See, i got my shoulder bone dislocated for 3rd time in 3 years. Now am seriously thinking to take surgery or Puthur Kattu. Doctors assured me that I will get fine once done with surgery and with the scientific proof available, I believe i can verify the doctor’s statement. But I do not know how curable this Puthur Kattu would be.

    Or you can even send out a message to me at 9941022170 and i I will call you back.

  4. I also want to know if I cant wear a shirt till the kattu is removed.

  5. Karthic if you are in Chennai you can go to the clinic and check it out.I am yet to get the number. I shall post it once i get it. Many people have become much better. Some feel it is a crude way to do it. But if it works then it is good. I am not is Chennai so I would not be able to help. I will get you the number. As for wearing a shirt, yes its not a problem.

  6. Hi

    I had a ACT knee leigment tear. Doctors suggest an arthoscpic surgery. will puthur help me getting cured


  7. It might help. It is actually a herb based treatment with no side effects. It is best you visit one of their clinics and consult them. They would answer any other queries you have. I hope you get well soon. Take care.

  8. Please share the address details of the clinic. We are in need of that. Thanks in advance.

  9. Hi Raji

    I have posted the map. Please check location.

  10. What is the full address of the clinic and phone number… i need it urgently

  11. Chella im not able to get anything now. I can only get the details when I return to Chennai this month. Im sorry. I will try. Meanwhile please check the map. I have provided directions in RED. Thanks.

  12. The address of Puthur Kattu in Chennai.


    Dr. S. Krishnama Raju
    New 53A, Old 25, SPS 2nd Street,
    Chennai – 600 014.

    Tel: 09393745336

    You have to get token on Wednesday for treatment on Thursday. Only limited tokens so be early. Call to find out when the tokens will be issued. Please note that there will be a rush for tokens. So please take someone who can get it.

  13. Hi,

    Could you please , how far are the chances of puttur kattu for broken hip, its really urgent.Doctors are to go with surgery with a rod.But how far an women who is 75 yrs old and is diabetic can sustain without any complications.Pls give advice.

    Thanks in advance,

  14. I am really sorry because I won’t be able to to advice you on this. You should probably go and consult one of the puthur doctors about it. I hope her speedy recovery.

  15. I had a ligament rupture back in 1995 and had undergone a knee surgery. I am getting some pain in knee now. Plse advice whether this treatment would help in my case.


  16. Hi, nice of you to share these info…thanks very much…I got shoulder dislocation, both shoulders…hope to get treated…pls input your ideas if any…thanks!!

  17. will you give that pacha elai for the patient. Actually my brother got his shoulder rib broken. He is undergooing a belt given by bones and joints, at present he is in kongu engineering college erode. i would like to send him the pachai elai mix… will that be given for sending it to him. what is the procedure for that. Am in chennai Tharamani.

  18. Please contact the centre for more details. As far as I know they dont give any pacha elai. It is all done in the centre itself. They just prescribe some tablets along with the treatment. So please do call or visit them for more details.

  19. what they do for shoulder dislocation i mean do they broke the shoulder bone and treat it or just apply that herb on tha hand

  20. one of my friend’s son broke his leg bone while playing cricket and doctors have inserted one steel rod for support but he walks with a stick with difficulty. kindly advise if this case can be treated by puttur doctor. thanks

  21. Raja… usually for a dislocation, they just relocate and apply herbs. It is best you go and check directly.

  22. Ahmed. Please take an xray (latest) and visit them. It is best you get direct advice.

  23. I’ve got a problem with my left knee joint. I used to play football regularly before. Last 1 yr onwards i used to feel the pain in the knee joint whenever i play for 3-4 times. Recently i’ve undergone an MRI Scan after which the doctor said its a problem called – Chondromalacia patella. I had some medicines but to no effect. Can i get this cured ? I’m from Cochin , Kerala. Is there any centre here in Kerala ?

  24. Im not sure about it Deepak. You have to contact them for more details. Please also check regarding centre in Kerala.

  25. Will they treat fractured bones?

  26. Yes they do treat fractures. They also treat if your fracture is set in the wrong position. In that case they fracture it again in the same place and fix properly. It may sound crude.

  27. Here there are many places you can find out for the “Puthur Kattu”,. I believe in Vadapalani, Opp. to “Laxman Sruthi” there is one place called “24 Hrs puthur kattu” where they have done the plaster in 24/7 base,. and also one more place in Purasaiwalkam which they are coming on weekly basis as same as above. Tokens are been issued on Tuesday Morning and you might get an oppintment on the same day where as you need to go very early morning (4 to 5AM)……Please any one nearest that place please go and get their contact details and post here, so that it would help many people who have problem in Bone fracture. Gopi.

  28. Thanks for the useful info Gopi.

  29. Dear Sir,

    My father is undertreatment of puttur , actully his left hip bone broken on 19.05.11 . He is 65 years old and very tall and fatty person.So, whether this treatment will be usefull for him.Please Reply.

  30. Hi Dinesh.

    Im sorry to hear about your father. It is indeed a difficult time for him.

    I am not sure if it will work for him, but every bone setting, either normal or traditional, is based of positioning the bone into position and keeping it that way till the bone sets naturally. Puthur is a rather crude way of setting it without any pain killers etc. Once a bone is placed correctly, depending on your age, the bone sets. It takes more time for aged people. On condition of his age and weight, I recommend you first visit a hospital and do it there. There will be less pain and suffering for him.

    My regards to him and prayers for him to get well soon.

  31. i am searching for the physicians who are doing bone setting in the traditional way. can you please tell me that how can i cantact dr. pratap raju?


  32. Im not sure how, but you can contact one of the clinics. You can call and find out. Most probably he would be visiting places. Call and find out.

  33. Hey Ravoof. How’s your father’s ligament? Any better? Dislocated shoulder here, so a similar ligament problem, that is.

  34. Thanks Droog. He is better, but age has got up with him.

    Have you been to the clinic. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  35. Respcted Dr.we r four Brother in our Family
    1.kamaal khan age 33
    2.kaleem khan age 28
    3.Amjad khan age 25
    4.Rahat Khan age 23
    we have CMTX ” Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease”
    all of brother inculding me
    but no Other one have this disease in our Family
    Not My Father/Mother/Sister/Grand Father/Grand Mother/Uncle’s
    Only we Four Brothers are Effected with this
    & this Problem (disease) we dont have since born
    its started Prox.8-9 year and this disease Growing
    Day by day non stop
    we have done many treatment but No Benifit
    So i gonna ask to U
    Thanks u with Best Regard

  36. Dear Kaleem, I am not a doctor. I am really sorry for you and your family. This is indeed a big problem. May Allah grant you all the strength to cope with this disease. I am not sure of any treatment. I hope people reading this blog will try to help you if they can. Meanwhile I will ask my doctor friends for some solution. Be brave.

  37. I have Shoulder pain due to dragging the scooter.Now I am 43 and past three days I am taking treatment from Puttur kattu people from Vadapalani Clinic.

    Please let me know how is your father now?Is he alright?

  38. Im sorry to hear about your incident. He is ok but since old age has caught up with him it is difficult. How is your shoulder now? Any improvement?

  39. Hi My husband has a pain in his knee, doctors called it knee effusion(water in the knees) will puthur kattu help?

  40. Im sorry Vijay. You have to find out at the clinic. Consult the doctor there. Thanks.

  41. Hi , my father K. Sesha reddy is famous puttur kattu specialist in BADVEL town , kadapa dist . My dad is dng this treatment since 20 years . Main thing is our hospital is opened 24×7. No holidays 365 days working . Daily nearly 10-15 patients will come to hospital . So no need for u to go to puttur and wait in queue . U can straightly come to badvel for treatment at any time . For details contact . K. Sesha reddy phone 9440980376, 9966076872. Im sure u will be provided best treatment . Jst give us a cal .

  42. Hi Sunil. Do you have any clinics in Chennai? Please give more information so that I can put it on the website. It will be useful for a lot of people. You can mail me or post a comment. Thanks.

  43. hi.. im suffring from lower back pain..i need treatment of putter 20 yr. can it is possible. if its possible means. i ned a contact

  44. Lower back pain has now become a very common problem. It can be due to many reasons. Have you visited any doctor and taken MRI or CT scan? It could be due to muscle or bone. So go to a specialist first and diagnose the problem. I dont think Puthur is a good option. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  45. i have mri scan..from 1year i had heavy pain i consulled all the docto because crushe in disk..i went to unani medacin… pain now it reduce to 80% by having unani medicine but i need complete cure. so im prefering for puttur

  46. I understand. You can try here. Please take all your scans and reports.

  47. thank u very much..i can’t bear the pain as a student.. andi need a relif from pain. and..very thaks for ur kindly information. wen the token wil b issued in royapetha

  48. You are welcome. Try physiotherapy also.

    You have to get token on Wednesday for treatment on Thursday.

  49. at wat time i shold get token on wednesday.

  50. Around 5 pm on wednesday, they issue tokens. First come first serve basis. You can call them to find out. address and number in the text above.

  51. once again thank u very much .

  52. my father had ankel leg facture… i think it is called as calcal facture..6 months is passed.he cant able to walk as he walk at early it curable if we came to you..some times he is telling it is painful when walking so plzz rply fast. we are staying at AP….
    my father is 50 yrs old…plzz say whether it is curable or not..bcoz if it curable then we have to come to chennai.
    so plzz rply as fast as possible

  53. Hi Chaitanya
    Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he gets well soon.

    There is another person in Kadappa.

    K. Sesha Reddy is famous puttur kattu specialist in BADVEL town , kadapa dist . He is doing this treatment since 20 years . Main thing is the hospital is opened 24×7. No holidays 365 days working. Daily nearly 10-15 patients will come to hospital. So no need for u to go to puttur and wait in queue. You can go straight to badvel for treatment at any time. For details contact K. Sesha Reddy phone 9440980376, 9966076872. Im sure u will be provided best treatment. You can also mail Sunil – Tell him you came from this website.

  54. thank u………

  55. Thank you very much . For informing patients about us . My dad K. SESHA REDDY has clinic only in BADVEL town KADAPA DIST . WE give treatment to all patients 24X7. We look forward to serve the people wit our treatment . Contact us at 9440980378 or 9966076872. We provide a facility of home treatment i.e , in case if patient is unable to come to clinic our doctor will come to ur home . So its a great advantage to patients
    always at ur service,
    puttur salya vaidhyasala (puttur clinic )
    4 road center ,
    badvel (town).

  56. Today we talked with chaitanya and gave some suggestions to his father .

  57. Thank you Sunil. I will highlight your address also on the site.

  58. hi sir this is chaitanya…. sir my dad is saying it is paining when he woke up from bed suddenly and after 1 min it is ok to walk.why it is reddy said surgery is not required. but my dad is saying it is paining when he woke up..plzz give some suggestions… and one more thing whether my dad do cycle exercise i got this doubt because it is ankel facture na….plz give some suggestions

  59. I am sorry Chaitanya. I am not in this field so I dont think my advice is the best for your dad. Please take counsel from doctors. It is a very difficult time for your dad and I hope he gets better soon. My best wishes to him. Please visit a doctor and/or physiotherapist.

  60. Chaitanya ur dad problem is a different one . Because it is ancle problem . It is really difficult to cure ancle probs because ancle is major part of our body and when we stand or walk moore pressure is on ancle only . Instant solution is not available , but by doing regular exercises he can recover . As my dad said , every dad take a bucket of hot water and add some salt to it . Ask ur father to keep legs in bucket and shake . Practise it. This may be useful to ur father.

  61. Hi many people are calling from north india . Actually we will give home treatment to people only in andhra pradesh. We cant come out of andhra pradesh. So i request people of andhra pradesh to use our PUTTUR KATTU service . Andhra pradesh people can call to our number 9440980378 at any time .

  62. asslamualikum
    hi sir. am moin from bangalore. sir my father had accident past 10 day’s back doc’s are telling there is a hole in a knee bone so we have to do a surgery wat is a good suggestion for my dad am totaly confused many of my friends telling goto puttur an show all ct scans n xray’s. doc’s are telling don’t goto puttur if u go u will lose ur dad leg.
    please reply soon are call to my number;09035442526

  63. im really sorry to hear about your dad. sometimes we all are put in a situation where we dont know if we are doing the right thing. I will not advice you against the doctor’s advice. You can check with the putur method or consult with them. If you are not confident go with the best solution. Sometimes you may not be able to reach a putur doctor or clinic. So dont waste time, please visit or consult with putur doc and do treatment only if you really want to. Else please take doctors advice. Please call Sunil or K. Sesha Reddy phone 9440980376, 9966076872 to find out more. Tell you called after coming to this website. I hope your father gets well soon. Take care of him.

  64. Hi ravoof, please change our contact number it is 9440980378. Thank you for ur support .

  65. Dear ravoof sir , i m suffering from cronic muscle pain ( trepizius myalgia ) in left shoulder neck and arm . My muscle is twiched in an accident i get the treatment of some reputeted doctor of nagpur (mh) but not able to get the relife . I want to kwon can puttur bone setter treatment help in twiched muscle or strain muscle .my left shoulder and hand makes cracking sound. Please help me and give your kind advice

  66. My email id is my Is 09584646454 u can mail/call me anytime u want

  67. Tushar, please call Sunil at 9440980378.

  68. Dear ravoof sir i call sunil but there is languge problem beetwin us so he is unable to help me . Sir can u give me some advice about my treatment . Can puttur kattu bandage also work on muscle strain or twitching .plz help me

  69. Dear ravoof sir , i live in pandhurna madhypradesh 1500 km from putter so can anyone give me advice about this treatment . Can putter bone seting treatment help in muscle strain

  70. I also mail sunil sir about that but he did not respond plz help me

  71. dear Sir

    Myself is shanmugam form chennai,

    for the past 2 years am having legement crack & pain in my left & right leg ankle , so kindly any one suggest for this .

  72. Shanmugam you can visit the clinic in Chennai. Please note the address and the time. Get well soon.

  73. Am getting knee pain …..

    Due to the slip of my left leg a months back …

    oftenly gatting pain after a long sitting .. I can’t stand pain is there … provide me advice when and where to meet..

  74. Dear Sir

    In a 2 whlr accident there is a Type IIIB open fracture in my Right tibia 20 days back. Am a diabetic. I was admited in CMC vellore & an external fixator surgery is done to me. Whether this can be cured fastly than alopathy thru Puttur Kattu. Kindly reply.

  75. Hello sir,
    I dont have bone fracture problem but a slip disc problem. Do they give treatment for this. please mail me some one at

  76. i want chennai purasavackam address.

  77. sir, im from mumbai..i hav fracture in my vertebrate and so lot of pain in total back…please tell me can i get cured my vertebrate in puttur bone setting hospital at tirupati andhrapradesh..? pls reply..

  78. Can any one please let me know the Vadapalni Puttur Kattu phone number.


  79. I would really recommend you see a specialist. Then if things dont work out you can travel to AP.

  80. Hi Sir,

    I mother in law (68 yerar)slipped in bathroom and her right hand sholder had a small crack, we went one hospital he banded twice but not cure, again we went one more doctor he said to operate and insert the plate, she is a heart and sugar patient, Please suggest us how to proceed?


  81. Hello sir, i have been diagonised with defect at pars interarticularis at L5-S1 with mild garde I listhesis & I am having stiffness in back & pain in heels if I stand,can PUTTUR KATTUR help me for this & can I get the address of HYDERABAD(AP) for treatment.


  82. Hi,

    Do you any one who does it for animals, i.e. heals broken bones through herbs, oils, bandage? It is urgent

  83. I do not know anyone. I hope people reading this will give some contact details.

  84. Respected Sir,
    2 Days before my father had an accsident his right leg back side thyis bonds are broken 4 piece pls help me doctor what can i do.

  85. You still haven’t seen a doctor? Please do see one immediately. Meanwhile if you are interested in puthur kattu, check and call the above numbers in the article. Wish your dad a speedy recovery. Don’t worry he will be alright soon.

  86. doctors at puttur hospital hepls pateints to attach all their broken bones….so try there defntly it will b ok….

  87. Hi,
    My husband had a anterior cruciate ligament tear and miniscus tear in his leg.can anyone plz tell me whether it is curable by puttur kattu or else any other possiblity to get rid of that.

    Thanks in advance

  88. Hi ,

    My dad who is of 63 age have got a bone crack in wrist, is it better have a puttur kattu for a bone crack as i hear some pf my friends saying for bone crack in puttur kattu they will break the bone and again put a puttur kattu.


  89. Is it a crack or broken? Usually what happens is if it is a crack, they just put some medicine (herbs etc) and put a bandage and give oral medicines to take. If it is completely broken, they put it back in position and then bandage it. This is usually painful. The other case is if the broken bone healed in the wrong way, they would break the bone in the same place and then fix it properly. This id very painful. I would not recommend this for your dad at this age. Try to consult a regular doctor first.

    I hope you dad recovers soon. Give my regards.

  90. Hi Ravoof,

    Thanks for your response, My dad have been treated with puttur kattu by doctor near chintadripet as he also said its a crack only need to put two rounds of puttur kattu.


  91. very good to hear. wishing him a speedy recovery.

  92. Hi i undergone surgery in my thigh for fracture. They treated with inserting rod in my thigh bone. 3 months gone. Still i am not able to walk. I am using walker or stick to walk. Can i undergo puttur treatment. I am not sure i already undergone surgery. Do puttur treatment can be used or not. Please suggest

  93. Hi i already undergone thigh fracture surgery 3 month back and they fixed fracture by inserting rod in my thigh bone. Still i could not walk. I am using stick or walker to walk. Do i undergo puttur treatment. Please suggest do they treat for already treated fracture with bone?

  94. You can visit them. They do treat fractures if already treated. They will check if the bone has set properly and other issues and if needed they will reset the bone. I should warn, it could be painful and crude treatment. I hope you do get well soon.

  95. Vanakam , My name is Navin Kumar , I am from Malaysia , I want ask with you about my fathers hand , because he accident on 18/06/2014 , he was operate his abdormal and his left hand fractured humerus , they put a plate on his hand . Now his bone was joined but he can’t rise up his hand , the doctors say he injured in nerve that is radial nerve . The doctors give 6 month to cure his nerve if not they operate on next year 21/01/2014 .
    I am not satisfied with the doctors words , now i am consult with you , try to help my father .

    from : Navin
    sorry can you please send your email address please , my email

  96. Hi Navin. Sorry to hear about your dad. There are a few numbers in this page of doctors who you can consult. Please do call and get their opinion. Hope your dad recovers soon.

  97. I have a mild legament tear in my right side shoulder . If your treatment was cureble to my problem or not plz give me an answer..bcoz next year i want to go job ..

  98. Also 6-7 times my shoulder was dislocated bcoz of this only …

  99. Dear doctor,

    i am sujavudeen 25 male from Malaysia Kuala lumpur, I have complete acl tear,

    I will plan to come back to chennai next week.

    Please give your contact number and advice.

    India :9894609226 (Mother)
    Malaysia : +6016 336 1903

  100. Dear Sujavudeen, please contact the numbers in the article. also you can visit the place mentioned. I hope you get well soon.

  101. Thank full to ur blog we proceeding to puttur for treatment of right leg ligament of my son which tears in bike accident,we tried allopathy but not cured here.

    Thanks again with regards

  102. Sir. My name is immanuel .my right leg bone totaly fracture&broke I take 80 days bed rest in puttur tretment walkng with walker in 2moths .iwas some pain … when I comfutly walk … with my legs ..plxxxxx telll

  103. Hi…..i m frm chennai…my dad got a fracture at a right hip….nd slightly as psychiatric illness patient also… we tuk treatment in miot…patient not willing….doctors are worrying abu surgey nd it’s complications…can it be cured aftr treating in puthur…

  104. Do you sell any ointment for joint pain ?

  105. 10years old boy left leg bone fracture. still now so please kindly if there your clinic in pune. we want address. its very urgent.

  106. please call any of the numbers in the blog. I advise you to go to a hospital to set the bone.

  107. Hi
    Doctor have one doubt.
    Last 20 days before I met an accident. My left leg and hand fracture.
    I went directly to puttur. They give treatment for me. After that they provide gopalapuram address for another kattus. After 15 days I went again for change the kattu. Now my doubt is how many kattus till have. Please explain doctor. I am waiting for your reply.

  108. Hi doctor
    Last 20 days before I met an accident.
    I went to puttur. They give treatment and they give local address for next kattu.
    After 15 days again went to gopalapuram for next kattu.
    Now my doubt is how long it will take to cure. Till how many kattus we have. Please explain doctir . I will wait for ur reply

  109. sir my name is kumar my wrist dislocastion.subgery after iwll get results only 50 percent any solution yours clinic sir.


  111. Dear sir, my right elbow ulna bone slightly fractured and consulted a doctor for treatment.. He made bandage and asked me to come after 21 days.. After 3 weeks it is observed that bone was arranged in a proper manner… And my question is whether shall I go for physiotherapy or puttur treatment for good hand movements.. It is horrible to go physiotherapy… Hence Pls suggest me

  112. I went to purasaivakam for my clavicle fracture. They set my bone . but I am feeling that by little movement . the setting will change or not . can u tell about this

  113. Hello I am Shaktikumar from aurangabad, one month back my left leg ANTERIOR CRUCIATE LIGAMENT got completely tear. Is there any natural treatment using herbs or by kattu.please suggest me

  114. Hi sir my husband left leg broken sir passed one half month so pls help me

  115. Hello. I’ve just read this post and all comments. I, just badly broke my wrist so I was looking for some healing help.
    I note your father’s story is interesting but as you never finished the story, it does plant seeds of great doubt regarding this technique. Has it helped him recover in any faster way ?

    Although all the posts date back several year, I hope you are alive and welle and still manages this site..


  116. Hi Elly. By God’s grace I’m still kicking! Thank you for your concern.

    Regarding my dad. He did recover but it took time because of old age and the fact that he rarely exercised. Im not sure if it did recover faster than the normal method, since we didn’t try western method. But it surely has helped numerous people whom I’ve met and know. The technique is quite crude, but it seems to work most of the time.

  117. Do they treat for acl ligament tear in knee?Please help me

  118. Will the putthur kattu treatment work for Joint Arthritis. My Relative had a PSoroasis ,a skin disease and now he developed joint arthritis problem. His fingers in legs swelled up.
    Though the desease is related to inner immune system , wanted to check whether Puthur kattu can give the Releif. He’s taking medications for other skin conditions.

    Please suggest.

  119. Dear Edward, Some people do go for treatment for arthritis problems, but not sure how effective it is. Have you tried Ayurvedic treatments? If you have time you could go to Kerala and get it. You may have to stay for sometime though.

  120. Hi. I have ACL tear in my left knee. Can anyone suggest for a kattu or surgery?? Please leave me a reply.

  121. Dear All and admin Ravoof,

    After reading this blog , I tried this healing technique for my left ankle sprain. If I see some improvement , I’ll share my journey with all of you! Thank you Ravoof.

  122. Please do share your experience. Get well soon.

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