The story of Maggie Doyne – the spirit of giving

The story of Maggie Doyne – the spirit of giving

What have we done lately that has helped another living soul? We have lived our lives selfishly, without any regard to anyone or anything. Well there are quite a few who have given up life’s pleasures to help the needy. Here is a young woman who would otherwise be living a normal life watching movies, late nights, friends, party, etc, has chosen to dedicate her life to orphans.

Meet Maggie Doyne.

A few months after graduating from high school in her home town of Mendham, New Jersey, Maggie Doyne left on a journey around the world. Four countries and 20,000 miles later, she was trekking through the Himalayas in war-torn Nepal, where she began to meet hundreds of orphan children. Maggie was so touched by what she saw that she made a drastic decision to change the lives of the children she had met. In the spring of 2008, she opened the doors of the Kopila Valley Children’s Home in Surkhet, Nepal. Today this cozy, bright, and joyful home houses 40 beautiful, healthy, happy, and thriving children. In the spring of 2010 Maggie was able to complete dream number two: Kopila Valley Primary School.

Beyond education, the students are being provided with health care and a daily nutritious meal. The children are thriving. Kopila Valley Primary School the new community-built bamboo school is now home to over 250 students (nursery through 8th grade). Any funds raised will help to make this possible and will keep the school up and running, supporting the 250 children as well as the dedicated and hardworking Nepali faculty and staff who make-up the Kopila team. If every child in the world is provided with their most basic needs and rights; a safe home, medical care, an education, and love, they will grow to be leaders and end cycles of poverty and violence in our world.

Support Maggie’s cause. You can get in touch with her through any of the ways below. Read her blog and find out how she enjoys what she is doing. A real hero. Watch her video below.

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