There has been rain, hail and snow at the same time in UAE!

There has been rain, hail and snow at the same time in UAE!

We all miss the rains here in UAE. It’s because being from the subcontinent, we are used to the rain. Riding on bikes, with no helmet on, crossing puddles of water, surviving open drainage, with buses happily spaying us with a mixture of rain water, sewage, mud, rose petals, jasmine (the rose and jasmine – leftovers from a funeral procession of course!), it is so much fun and excitement. Getting fully soaked is a good feeling. The ultimate part is when the water starts to flow from the shirt into the pants! What a feeling! lol

The rain brings us back to all our childhood memories and the fun we all had together as children. Rain is beautiful. The first raindrops on the dry earth brings our an aroma that cannot be described! What a smell! Like the famous Titanic phrase there is a similar one… It’s been 84 months and I can still smell the wonderful smell of rain on soil! I know it sounds horrible.. but who cares! It’s just to say rain bring in a lot of pleasant memories.

Rain in UAE. Now that is a total different thing. First of all it is a desert and rain is not there in the UAE dictionary. Or so it seemed to be until a few years ago. Now it is becoming a regular event! Here a slight rain clogs up the roads. What else would you expect when throughout the year you have sand blowing everywhere and filling up every drainage hole. Now here rain water and fine sand is not good. Slush! Luckily over here most of us drive around in cars. Bikes are not common because of the heat. The only thing we experience here from the rain is – TRAFFIC JAMS!

Rain in UAE

Recently in the past few days we have had heavy rain, hail stones as big as marbles and SNOW also! You can view more of this in the Gulf News. This climate change surely has something to do with global warming. UAE cannot withstand rain like this. Let’s hope everything is back to normal soon. Certainly this rain does not bring any memories back but only fear – fear of traffic jams! …especially driving to and fro between Dubai and Sharjah.

Rain rain go away, little johnny wants to go to work!

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