Traffic department goes hi-tech in Hyderabad – e-challans anyone?

Traffic department goes hi-tech in Hyderabad – e-challans anyone?

One way to stop corruption is to have an effective corrupt free system. Im glad that we can now see a lot of people marching towards a positive direction. One of the best ways is to start from is the police, rather the Traffic department. We see a lot of bribing when vehicles are stopped for checking. Even if you have all the papers you are charged. To avoid this all bribe. Now the traffic police in Hyderabad have come up with an existing technology to speed up their work and in the process also bringing down corruption.

This is an article by Marri Ramu for The Hindu.

As part of effective use of technology in traffic management the police introduced a system of e-challans in this city three years ago to rein in erring drivers.

Within two years, the number of e-challans issued for different violations like jumping signals reached 10,31,000. However, only 20-25 per cent of the drivers paid fines.

The police officials racked their brains on how to clear the lakhs of pending e-challans when sub-inspector M. Narsing Rao, a graduate in electronic engineering, thought of the Programmable Device Application (PDA). The Electricity and road transport corporation departments were already using PDAs to generate power bills and bus tickets. Mr. Rao came out with the novel idea of installing GPRS SIM cards in PDAs and connecting them to a central server, making them online instruments.

The Hyderabad-based Mother Technologies and Project Ventures designed special software synchronising the PDA with the central server having the database of all e-challans issued vehicle-wise. By keying in a vehicle number, the data of all e-challans issued against that vehicle can be seen on the instrument’s screen.

It will retrieve the data from the central server and produce a printout with details of the fine amounts with date, the type of violation and the owner’s address.

Making use of the new tools, the Hyderabad police could clear nearly 60 per cent of the e-challans. As tracing a vehicle owner is a cumbersome process for collection of fines, the police started organising special drives by stopping vehicles randomly during lean hours.

Using the PDAs, they would verify if any e-challan was issued earlier and release the vehicles only after the payment of fines. This sent warning bells to drivers that they could not evade e-challans for long. The percentage of persons paying the fines went up. “It has an overall positive effect of increased compliance with road rules, reflected in dipping road accidents despite the growing number of vehicles” said Traffic Police Additional Commissioner, C.V. Anand.

Making the instrument more useful, the officials are planning to use it for spot fines. This will help policemen issue a challan within seconds, and focus more on regulation. This experiment of the Hyderabad police, said to be the first of its kind in the country, has become a role model for police in other cities.

Police officials of Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chandigarh and Coimbatore appreciated the concept of PDAs for effective traffic management and are planning it to introduce in their cities on a trial basis.


Check your E-Challan staus online –

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  1. The intention is good but the implementation is pathetic as the software developed by mother technologies is not up to the mark as this is not able to retrieve the new data.

    I really doubt if this system will help in stopping the corruption because i was asked by the police man to hand over my license for parking the vehicle in no-parking area for which i have paid it from by bank account through eseva and still the the site shows that the payment has not been down which really indicates that the system is not up to the mark.

  2. Mr. PKreddy,

    All e-Challan payments will be updated from at the end of the day from the e-Seva Server.

    All the payments will be updated in the following site after receiving the payments from the e-Seva Server.

    We did’t gave On-line reporting support to the public due to low bandwidth, insufficient resources from the concern dept. However we will co-ordinate with the officials as soon as possible and it will be solved.

    Please call to our notice branch if you found any corruption by the Police staff.

    Nataraj Kumar Ch,
    Mother technologies projetc Ventures,

  3. We need to put two hands to clap. It goes for everything. I am sure this will be a success here or elsewhere. I agree with Mr. Natraj Kumar. I hope the concerned authorities help in overcoming the difficulties faced by the public. Every new system introduced to an old one will create problems and we should support a good system for the better.

  4. I believe the system needs some serious improvement. Though the idea is appreciated and Hyderabad really needs it, but I regulary check eseva to see for challans and found none. Surprisingly, a week back I found 3 challans from may 2009!!! onwards. Being into software, I can’t understand the reason for this. Also, to check if they are my challans or not in the very first place, I need to go to Nampally and stray in the traffic office there expecting someone would help me.

    What is a system which is half implemented?

  5. Dear Sam,

    Yes, You are right because, We have dropped about 2 lakhs of old Challans and which are not having the photographic evidence.

    You need not to pay for your old challans which are before 01-01-2009.
    This decision has been taken by the traffic dept.

    Its not fault of Software dear, Its a gift from the Hyderabad Traffic Police dept.

    I thank you to Mr. Ravoof for providing a good platform for the people who are suffering for the clarifications.

    We are going to launch a beautiful System soon by the add.C.P. which can be a big achievement in the Indian Traffic History.

    I can’t reveal it as of now but just See 🙂

    – Nataraj Kumar Ch.
    Mother Technologies Project Ventures.

  6. Mr. Sam,

    It’s not a software fault. Its a decision making policy by the traffic Police.

    In Hyderabad, 2 lakh old pending challans are removed and dropped by the traffic Ploce dept.

    there is no photographic evidence cases against you before 31-12-2008.

    you need not to pay for the old challans before 31-dec-2008. Just pay for the challans for the list displayed by the eseva/APOnline gateways.

    -Nataraj Kumar Ch.
    Mother technologies Project Ventures

  7. mr jaweed, i m very thankful tp mr ravoof who doing a good job for clarification for the public

  8. Hi Mr. Nataraj, thanks for the follow up. I would like to know what technologies is this application using? is there a website of this company- mother technologies, as I tried finding but returns no results.


  9. Dear Nataraj,

    E Challan System is very good idea.
    but I got fined for jumping signal.

    Usually I wont jump the signal.
    How to get Photographic evidence…………..??????????

  10. Hi,
    I am happy to know that the department is trying to use new technologies. But I have observed that the E-challan is made only for some vehicles which the constables are noting. Where as the corruption is still going on by the traffic inspectors who are performing the checking at various locations.

    Why cant the same challan system be followed using the machine and record the new fine which will also be paid by Eseva and there will no fine collection by the inspectors. so the collected fine will be recorded and accounted immediately.

  11. Dear sir,

    good evening,
    E challan system is very good idea, i got fined for jumping signal at kachiguda, i was 100% sure that i was moving when signal is green, but beside my vehicle there is a triple riding so cop has taken a photo for that vehicle i think by mistake he was written my vehicle number also can i claim for it please help

    thanks & regards
    N.L. Purushotham

  12. Hi srinivas Kumar,
    please note my mobile no : +91-98491-77077.
    i removed my site info. from the server due to some security issues.

    Dear Srinivas reddy,
    you can come to Hyderabad Police Commissionerate, Basheerbagh -Hyderabad (e-Challan System) and view your violation photograph.
    i provided the platform to upload the images but due to in-sufficient man power by the traffic police, we are not able to upload all the violation photographs to the Server for online checking.

  13. Dear Harish,
    There is already a system called it as “Red Light Cameras” Systems and installed in 50 locations including the Cyberabad and Hyderabad region.
    Those cameras will detect the jumping Signal violations inform of videos and images automatically when a violator jumps the Signal.
    But Harish, It’s too costly project. Govt procured from matrix ltd worth of 15 crores by tendering process.

    Traffic Cops will take one picture but many vehicles will be challaned using one photograph.
    “Any how, all 5 fingers of one hand may not be the same” This quotation will be reflected on the Home guards of Traffic Wing. –Nataraj

  14. Dear Rawoof,

    C’d you able to display some relevant info including the images by giving the Photo and videos upload methods to this page?

    Let’s give the information to the public and lets try to change the Hyderabad bad driving attitude.

    i’ll give you the most beautiful traffic related videos of live hyderabad. There is no doubt, the people who neglects the traffic rules, they will get changed if they watch those videos.

    Please contact to my mobile no : +91-97011-77077

    – Nataraj Kumar Ch.
    Mother Technologies Project Ventures.

  15. Hi Nataraj,

    I’m proud of you that you are doing very good Job.


  16. Hi Mr. Nataraj,

    I’m Rewathi, from Secunderabad. Would like to bring to your notice few issues with the software / application being introduced to the cop dept for easing their workflow.

    Let me tell you my experience and my obeservations,

    I was caught by the cops and imposed a fine (through PDA system) for two signal jumps and I paid the fine amount in nearest e-seva center for the same.
    Twenty days later, I was again caught and this time for my surprise I was again imposed a fine for 03 violations..(02 signal jumps and 01 wrong entry). The 02 signal jump entries was the old one for which i had already paid (Which i proved to the cop by providing the receipt of paid copy.

    Is your application / software developed in such a way that it generates a revenue to the dept like … a interest on interest basis with out erasing the old dues though paid off..? Or else, is the application / software is developed in a way that every periodically the same vehicle number gets rolled forward with a certain number of transactions..? thereby creating a low work pressure to the cops..(Because as you mentioned above the manforce is less in number to update the day – day challans)and thereby generating a revenue for not even violating the rules..?

    And also let me remind you that the web address is one of the waste url..because every time I tried to open the page.. I’m afraid to see the error “Problem Loading Page”.

    Is that the web page hosted by you and your team is of low grade / version and thats why its showing that error every time..?

    Would appreciate your advice on the queries without hesitation..

    Thanks in Advance,

  17. Amazing job Natraj. It is obvious that there is a need to improve it but the initiative is outstanding. Feel free to email, so that we can talk more about similar initiatives, we can try. or you can google my name for references

  18. Hi Nataraj
    I am Rajesh Kathwal from Hisar in Harayana. Please Call me immediately wherever you are.

    Call me at 09812490456

  19. hi,

    could any one provide me the same Police e-challan projact details to me. what type of hardware and software you are using for this project. i need specially PDAs Specfications and model numbers as well as software.

    i am very great full if you provide me the following details.

    my email ID., or

    with REgards,

    Ishfaq Kiyani

  20. It is good for dispiline but some staf r using wrong way plese do properely and stritly becouse dispiline is good for socity and every one

  21. We have launched a facebook account for the hyderabad traffic police :
    i’m educating & creating the traffic awareness in the people as one of the Admn on the Facebook A/c.

    @Rewathi : Please contact us in the above face book A/c or contact us in the echallan notice branch. echallan Software will be updated the payments info as soon as u have paid the challans at the end of the day. there c’d be the problem from eseva.

    @Ishfaq Kiyani : contact at at

    Dear all friends : Thank you all for the support. feel free to contact me when ever u need help in traffic aspect.

    Visit our site for some more info:

    With Thanks & regards,
    -Nataraj kumar Ch.
    Mother Technologies Project Ventures,

  22. i want to know my bike pending challan if any but i am unable to find here

  23. this system of e-challans is totally unfair with the peoples of andhra pradesh. peoples don’t know sometimes what they have done and how they have done such an offence while they are very careful on roads, some peoples have very less salaries and they have to pay some kind of unnecessarily created challans for collecting money for government. how they can pay what they have never done we cant remember what we have done y they have charging us such Amount of e-challan which we have never done.and when we ask to show them the prove of our offence they denied frankly and rudely. they don’t prove us our offence totally unfair, our government have to be think more about this unfair with our public of andhra pradesh. instead of this clever policies of e-challan the government have to create such policies to help poor peoples. please help india instead of this rubbish policy of e-challan take out a policy which can help poor peoples of our country THANK YOU

  24. Thank you Naveen! The correct address has now been updated.

  25. Dear all,
    Now, Everyone can see their pending challans & their violation images from this 1st Nov,2012 onwards. People can see their pending challans and it’s violation images in the PDA itself. So, Most of the violator’s doubts can be clarified. All the payments can be made to any Police officers who are S.I and above cadre instead of going to the eSeva.
    credit goes to the present Traffic Addl. commissioner for providing the hardware infra structure from the govt funds.

    In fact, Andhra Pradesh Police is fines are 10% compare to the Delhi traffic Police. Delhi traffic Police can make fines from Rs.500/- to 5000/- where as in A.P., it is from Rs.100/- to Rs.500/- as maximum fine amount.

    We have 38 lakh vehicle in the hyderabad city from 1.18 lakhs of total vehicles.
    An average of about 500+ vehicles are violating the traffic rules per each junction (520 junctions across the city) i.e., more than 2.5 lakh violations every day.
    But traffic Police are booking about 5000 challans every day out of 2.5 violations. (In practical) that means they were booking only 2% from actual violations.

  26. Dear All,

    I request all the citizens to log into the following site for the traffic awareness,

    In the Andhra pradesh, vehicle population is increased to 1.38 crores with in short period. Surprisingly, The violation ratio is almost same with the previous year fig. except the main junctions of the Hyderabad.

    I have been identifying the proper reasons since so many years. The following reasons may be observed.

    Almost 95% riders/Drivers will not reach to the 75% marks on the written Driving Test.
    80% of the people doesn’t have the No Traffic awareness. (90% of 3 wheelers/85% 2-wheelers/75% of 4 wheelers)
    Most of them doesn’t know the Lane marking Systems.

    I’d like to educate and contributing some knowledge on lane marking Systems.

    1. White continuous line :
    – separates the traffic flows of opposite directions;
    – indicates the boundaries of traffic lanes in dangerous places on the roads;
    – indicates the boundaries of the carriageway on which entry is forbidden;
    – indicates the boundaries of parking places.
    2.Yellow continuous line : indicates places where stopping is forbidden
    3.Yellow continuous line : indicates places where stopping is forbidden

    I think space may not be sufficient here…
    i’d like to give a link..
    Yellow continuous line
    indicates places where stopping is forbidden

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