UAE Family Residence Visa new rules. Here is what you should do – 2016 update

UAE Family Residence Visa new rules. Here is what you should do – 2016 update

UAE Family Residence Visa application for Family Residence and Documents Required

As per the updated law for UAE Family Residence Visa for Family in Dubai and UAE that was announced on March 2016, the guidelines for application and document processing are discussed below.

Important notice: From now on, all payments including deposits, guarantees, file opening charges, courier charges etc will be processed through typing centres verified by the UAE Ministry.

Documents for processing Family Residence Visa

Make sure to have all Original documents available with you when you visit any of the authorised typing centres in UAE. Applications will be rejected if any original documents is not available for verification. Documents are verified and scanned into the system, so make sure all Original documents are available.

  1. Colour Passport copies of family members (Wife & Children)
  2. Passport size photograph WHITE background for each family member. (Keep around 15 copies always. You never know!)
  3. Sponsor’s Original Passport.
  4. Sponsor Original Emirates ID Card.
  5. Original Attested Marriage Certificate from Issuing Authority, UAE Embassy from Sponsor’s country & from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE.
    You can get the Original Marriage certificate attested from many processing centres like BLS International and others. It may take anywhere between 30 to 45 days, so make sure you do it at the earliest. The sooner the better.
  6. Original Attested Birth Certificate from Issuing Authority, UAE Embassy from Sponsor’s country & from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE. You can get the certificate attested from BLS International and others.
  7. Original EJARI Certificate along with Last Paid Electricity Bill.  (If sponsor is living other state than Dubai, he will require attested tenancy contract and paid electricity bill. Tenancy or EJARI should be on applicant or spouse name.)
  8. Original MOL Contract with a minimum salary of AED 4,000 or a minimum salary of AED 3,000 AED + Accommodation is required. (Original MOL Contract can be printed from any TASHEEL Center, you will have to pay print charges that worth AED 53. No attestation is required, Passport copy is must for printing MOL Contract. If you provide the contract number, they will print it for you.)
  9. For Government, Semi Government or Free Zone Employees Original Salary Certificate is must.
  10. IBAN (International Bank Account Number) of the sponsor.
  11. Last 3 months Bank Account Statement with Original Stamp and Signature.
  12. For daughters older than 18 years,  a confirmation letter in Arabic stating that she is unmarried along with father’s signature.

New UAE Traffic Rules and Fines 2017

Process after application approval

Sponsor needs to visit the immigration (GDRFA) after the approval of the online application. Sponsor will receive SMS on approval, rejection or modification on the registered mobile.

E-Visa will be mailed to the applicant’s registered email after immigration approval.

Some countries will not accept E-Visa and will require the Original Printed Visa that is pink. This visa can be collected from the Immigration office upon receiving the approved SMS. There are no extra charges for this service.

Visa charges

  1. LLC Applicants: Visa Fee AED 360 & File Opening AED 210. Paid at Typing Center.
  2. Free Zone Applicants: Government, Semi Government or Free Zone workers will only pay of AED 310 for visa application.

Please note that Typing charges are extra.


Who can not Apply?
General Labours, Light Vehicle Drivers, Messengers, Eye Glasses salesman, Maintenance workers Mechanics and other Unskilled Labours etc. are not eligible.

Entry into UAE:
The visa Holder (Family of Sponsor) should enter any state of UAE within 60 Days, those sixty days are starting from visa issue date.

In case visa holder couldn’t enter UAE within 60 days from the date of issue, his/her visa should be renewed against payment of 360 AED with extra typing Charges. Please note that this Renewal of visa is only allowed 2 times.

After Entry into UAE:
After entering UAE, visa holder should complete his/her Medical, Emirates ID card and visa stamping process within 60 days from the date of Entrance to UAE.
Note: Documents for Emirates ID and Medical can be done by any typing center.

If Family is already in UAE:
If the family of sponsor is inside UAE on Visit Visa, Tourist Visa or even on Cancelled Visa, AED 1,030 application fee with typing charges needs to be paid.

Wait for approval from SMS, Mail on registered contact number or Email Address. Upon successful approval, visa holder or sponsor should type and submit STATUS CHANGE application form through typing centre.

Cost for status change application is AED 510 with typing charges.

After typing status change form, take original receipt, original passport and visa (visit, tourist, cancelled) to nearest Immigration Branch to collect status change proof.

After receiving Status change proof from immigration desk type Medical, Emirates ID and visa Stamping form from Typing Center.

What if Sponsor is Mother?
If guarantor (sponsor) is mother NOC in Arabic is required from husband to sponsor the children by mother. Incase if husband is not in UAE, the NOC letter need to be attested by UAE Embassy of Sponsor’s country and from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE.

What if Sponsor is shareholder or Partner?
Some additional documents are require if sponsor is shareholder(investor) or partner.

  1. AED 3,020 refundable (upon cancellation) deposit for each family member
  2. Trade License Copy
  3. Partner List (2nd Page of License)
  4. LLC Agreement with minimum AED 70, 000 in shares

Note: Deposit for every individual is refundable after cancellation of the Visa. Refund can be processed only to the sponsor’s Bank Account.
IBAN (International Bank Account Number) of the Sponsor (applicant) is must.

New UAE Traffic Rules and Fines 2017

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  1. hi,
    I want to get residency visa for my wife. I got a room in flat on my name but the electricity bill is not come on my name, it’s come on flat owner name. In that situation can i get residency visa for my wife without electricity bill? Please inform me as soon as possible.

  2. Is it in Dubai or Sharjah? Usually you only show the tenancy contact which is registered in your name. No one requires you to show the electricity bill.

  3. HI,
    I have one question from MOL IF the sponsor visa profession is archives clerk can allow to sponsor his family inside UAE,

  4. I am transferring on to my Husband’s sponsorship but the tenancy contract is under my name. Would that be an issue at all ?!

  5. my husband visa profession driver.Can he sponsor his kids.Please inform me

    Thank you

  6. Hi Asma. If your husband is eligible for Family visa, then he can sponsor his kids.

  7. Please check with MOL or any typing centre.

  8. I think it has to be under the sponsor name. Please check with your typing centre.

  9. Hi,

    I had applied for the visa for my wife and children about two weeks back. Visa for the baby got approved a week back, but wife’s visa is still in process. Any idea how long it takes to get the approval? She already had a visa but was out of country for 8 months. I didn’t cancel her visa by myself, would that cause any issue?

  10. How did you apply? Did you mention the status before submitting for new visa? I don’t think it will be a problem other than being delayed. If possible check and see if the old visa got cancelled. If that didn’t happen then new visa can’t be processed.

  11. Hi;

    My visa designation is Archives Clerk, and my gross monthly salary is AED 4000.00, can I sponsor residence visa of my wife? I heard that the rules have changed and now it is not possible to apply for family’s visa if basic is less than 4000

  12. It is considered as weak profession and you may or may not get visa. You have to check with a typing centre because they will always be updated with the updated Visa changes. Usually AED 4000 is not a problem. Please do check.

  13. Hi sir mr ravoof
    I have a querry. I want to take freelance visa from ajman from my friend company. It is possible to work in dubai if my friend provide me noc. I heard if dubai visa for that i can wprk in any other Emirates but rather than dubai it won’t. Can you reply for me this please

  14. I think it is possible. You have to apply with NOC to concerned authorities in Dubai. Please check with AFZ, they will guide you.

  15. hi sir. i want apply family visa (wife and one child) my visa is follow up clerk,monthly gross salary is 4500 is it ok please give me suggestion

  16. Hi
    Is it possible to apply for a family visa without an electricity bill as I just recently rented the flat and don’t have a bill as of yet.

  17. If my visa is office clerk and i am sponsoring my wife and 3 children already staying in abudhabi since 2010, is this necessary to deposit refundable amount to the authority at the time of renewal? if yes then what will be the exactly amount ?

  18. Sir I am Qhse co.ordinator. I need to take my family .My salary 5K Aed with accommodation. Plz guide me sir

  19. If you have rented flat recently, you will have the deposit slip. Take that with a copy. They need the Bill account number.

  20. I don’t think it will be a problem. Please check with your local Tasheel typing centre.

  21. Hi Kamal. I don’t think any deposit is required for renewal. Please check with your local Tasheel typing centre.

  22. Hi Sinooj. Please check with your local Tasheel typing centre. It is just a straightforward procedure.

  23. sir,how much can family residency to Dubai cost because a woman said will collect $3900 .wants to confirm.pls help me out sir

  24. helo my name is emmanuel i came in jan 2 dis year and i have register for emirate id but have not do the issurance want to ask is my registration still valid

  25. Dear Midas, No it does not cost that much. Did she give the reason for the cost? where are you from? are you in Dubai? Please give details so that I can give more details.

  26. Hi Emmanuel, If there is any problem, then you will get and SMS from Emirates ID. If the last information/SMS from EID was that the ID is being processed, then you will get it soon.

  27. Hi.. Can u please update me on how much does it cost in total to sponsor wife & newborn on residency visa? My wife n child are currently in Pak. I had got my wife visa cancelled 7 months ago as she had to stay in home country for some reasons.

  28. Is it required to have a one bedroom flat to sponsor a my wife an my son or studio flat may do?

  29. It think it is won’t be a problem if the child is young. Please check with a typing centre because rules can change or be different between Emirates.

  30. Please check with typing centre. You will have Visa fees, file opening fees, Medical fees, Emirates ID fees and if in Dubai you will have Insurance fees.

  31. hi.sir.i am working in umm al qwain.i need to get the family visa for my wife and son. but i dont have enough salary to bring them.sir.can i put the deposit mony to the immigration and get the family visa….?

  32. Hi, can you please update me, I don’t have marriage certificate but my name is appeared on my wife passport, its enough or I need marriage certificate.
    Also I want to Is it required to have a one bedroom flat to sponsor a my wife an my son or studio flat may do?

  33. Sir,
    My husband works as electical engineer but his visa status is electrician wireman.His visa renewal has already extented for 2more yrs on last sep 2016.He need to change his visa status from electrician to engineer urgently.Is that possible ??His monthly salary is 4k.Pls reply

  34. Sir i want to know satus of my visa my visa aopliction no is 201720103519204 and how much time to get my visa alrdy one week

  35. Hi sir may i ask one question plzzxx reply fast my prob is my husband doing job in sharjah but he dont have a flat if he will apply my residential visa his elder brother,s flat contract he lives in ajman

  36. Hi i got residence visa..i came back to my country n then i went back to dubai cause they said to visit dubai after 6 im again in pak n couldn.t go to dubai back more than one visa is valid till 2018…can i go back to to pay fine or i need new visa

  37. my profession is labour supervisor and the salary is 3000 plus the accommodation provided by the company so can i get family visa

  38. Dear Sir

    Due to my late documents from my country it took 14 months now to get the my Baby’s Visa
    born in Dubai. is any Penalty for late Visa? how can I explain to Immigration regarding this Issue to less my penalty?


  39. Dear Chaminda, Your salary certificate should have the eligible amount in order to bring your family. If possible ask your employer to update your salary certificate.

  40. Dear Rajesh, You need marriage certificate and it should be attested. For Studio apt, if your son is a child below 3 then you may not have a problem. Sometimes they do allow. Its a gamble, but usually it is 1 bed for a family of 3.

  41. Dear Sandy, Yes he can do that. Hope he has his degree (BE) certificate or something of similar value. He has to get that done through his office.

  42. Dear Fariha, Sometimes it takes a little longer. I hope you got it by now.

  43. Dear Alisha, Your husband should have the flat in his name to apply for visa.

  44. Dear Syeda, Your visa will expire after 6 months and you will not be allowed to re-enter UAE. You have to cancel old visa and apply for new one.

  45. Dear Umar, Please check with a typing centre with all your documents. They will check and tell you if you are eligible.

  46. Dear Fazil, Yes, you can approach legally. Upon hearing your problems, they fines may be reduced.

  47. Dear sir, I am technician in mechanical maintenance in ega company .I will bring my family in residency visa my salary also 10000drm Abu dhabi can give residency visa ,because I am give me reply

  48. Hi sir,
    I have all doc ready for residence visa for my wife and kid. But I have bank statement oly for 2 months. i.e. Jan-feb. was in vacation for 2 months nov-dec. got my 3 months salary through hand cash. So no statement from oct- dec. and before oct I had Salary account in unb. And now in ENBD. So 2 months bank statement will be accepted?

  49. Hi,

    My profession is Sales & my salary is 6k. Can i apply visa for my wife ? Is Sales visa profession will be a problem ?


  50. Hi Ravoof,
    I have my visa from Hamriyah Freezone Sharjah,with profession as an Administrative Office.
    I am paid a salary of AED 4000.
    As per the HFZ website the minimum salary required to sponsor wife is 4000,I also have the tenancy contract and electricity bills in my name.
    I had applied for dependent visa for my wife and paid 1800 for the same to obtain the entry permit; however they rejected my application; mentioning that the salary requirement is 4500.
    Can you advise what can/needs to be done.

  51. My grand mother’s age is 80 years. I wish to sponser for visit visa for 03 months. Is her age problem for the visa?

  52. I salary is ok, but you need to check with any typing centre to find out.

  53. You have to check with centre where you will apply. They may require you to get letter from bank.

  54. Yes you can apply. Please check with nearest tying centre.

  55. Please go back to where you applied/typed your visa and enquire with them. You should always enquire before you make payments. They should not have processed the application if this was the reason. Go to the typing centre in Hamriyah and check with them. They will guide you.

  56. Yes age will be a problem. Please check with any typing centre or people issuing visit visas.

  57. Hay sir I m kitchen Technicain in Al ain i need may may wife visa may salary 3100,I have room Terence contract and all paper for visa .0569227569.

  58. Sir plz give me reply thanks

  59. May whatsaap 00923028845751 plz SMS me sir I m so tanc sir

  60. Hi Rav. my name is Arnold my wife and my daughter they are already here. they need to renew the visa next month, i have tenancy contract and ejari i have all document what they need. my problem now my PRO told me i can’t renew my family because they have new rules. salary should be 8000 above but my salary is 4725 only.And i have new born baby. can you advice me i don’t know what should i do

    thanks Mr rav

  61. Hi. My husband work in dubai. And he wants to apply residence visa for me and my daughter from previous marriage. I have a paper saying full custody of my daughter from the clerk. Is it enough as a proff or i still need an objection letter from my ex husband to bring my daughter to live in dubai? And the problem is,i dont know where is he now and not even care with his daughter. Please for any advice and thank you.

  62. Please to to nearest typing centre and check with them. Your salary is low, so please check.

  63. Where are you from? Tell your husband to visit the consulate of your country to get more info.

  64. I want to shift from Spouse visa to brother’s visa due to separation. Divorce is still under process. Dubai court has approved the petition to change sponsor as spouse visa has expired and he refuses to cancel.
    What is the procedure to go on my brother’s visa? And how long does it take to get it done usually?

  65. I am from India applied for a visa from Sharjah still waiting for approval so, am leaving the country my designation mentioned on the new visa is Computer programmer.
    I am hearing something like visiting embassy and doing medical and stamping in India itself is it correct information.
    My old visa was from Dubai already canceled.

    waiting for a reply.

  66. Hi..I have applied for my kids resident visa under my dependents (mother’s dependent) and the online visa status shows under process since 7th March. I am alone here as my husband is working out of Dubai and my kids in India. How long will it take to get kids visa? Is there any number or helpline I can contact to make it faster or could there be any problem Please guide as this is urgent.

  67. Hello sira,please help me for visa stamping process

  68. Hi Sir,

    I am holding Alain Visa and my Salary is 4755Aed. My visa profession is Store Keeper. Can I sponsor my wife and kid. Please advise.

  69. Hi Ravoof,

    I want to sponsor visa for my wife and a baby. i have tenancy certificate from hotel but it is only for studio apartment. is there any mandatory requirement that min 1 BHK should be there for family. Child is just 9 months old.


  70. Dear Ankur, There will not be any problem for a child. Please check before you apply.

  71. Hi Ravoof, my wife and my child entered Abu Dhabi last March 2, 2017. But due to changing of health insurance company, insurance card is delay. I will get only health insurance card valid for 5days nxt week since next month we will have a new card. Is it fine to use an insurance card valid only for less than a week for stamping? How many days is the grace period for visa stamping? and also, we already applied for emirates ID last March 6, how many days does it valid?
    Many thanks..

  72. Good afternoon Mr. Ravoof,

    I just want to ask about how long does it take for a visa to be renewed? I have been waiting for a month now but I still haven’t received it. But I already have the MOL contract.

  73. HI, this is JO, I would like to bring my family here in Abu Dhabi, I am staying with my uncle. In the tenancy contract, my name is included and the ADDC bill is in my uncle’s name. Is this helps me to get a residence visa if my uncle gives me a NOC?

    Thanks in advance.

  74. Is there an interview the spouse has to face to get the residence visa for the wife?

  75. Dear Mike, No interview, only the necessary documents

  76. Dear Jo, Please check with the necessary authorities

  77. Dear Norman, It might take time.

  78. Dear Joel, Usually there is a 2 month validity since entry.

  79. I applied online residence visa for my wife and son. How many days will take to get sms alert? from GDRA. I applied March 26th. Any chance to do this fast track? My profession is Archive Clerk. 2 Years before my family was here on residence visa.

  80. Dear sir my husband is working as oprator in a paper company in dubai and he’s salary is 3500dhs.he don’t have international bank account.can he apply family visa for wife and kid?

  81. Dear SVK, since you have already applied, I don’t think there is no way now. I do hope that you have got it by now.

  82. Dear Zara, I don’t think you need an International Bank account. I think WPS Salary slips will do to show proof of salary. Please do check with authorities

  83. Hi
    I have visa from Dubai, where my office is in Abudhabi and am going to rent appartment in Abu Dhabi as well.

    Need to confirm applying resident visa for family on touteeq wouldn’t be any issue.

  84. Hi i having a question, i would like to sponsor my wife, we married 3 yrs ego here in dubai, mu profession SALES my salary in contract 5000 after increment now my salary 7500 only bank transfer,

    As SALE profession can i sponsor my wife?? i asked typing center some they said its ok some they said cant, also i called Immigration they said cant, please help out for this,,,,

  85. Sir plz help me I need may wife visa may salary 3100 and I have all document .but Abu Dhabi Imegrason asked me this is impossible need 4000 salary.plz help me 0569227569

  86. Sir i am working in alain with sharjah visa. I have room includin electricity and water tenancey contract .is This contact is ok in sharjah emigrigation

  87. Hello sir, please I want to know. If it’s possible for a non citizen to get married at uae. What are d procedure sir. Am a Nigerian

  88. I have recently cancelled my residence visa in RAK and getting a Resident Visa in Fujairah Free zone. My family had already family visa 2 years back and cancelled along with EID. If I apply again for my family visa, attested marriage certificate is a mandate as we had stayed 10 years in UAE with family visa, old visa copy and no. is sufficient.

  89. Dear Mr. Sri. You will need attested Marriage Certificate. It is compulsory. If you have children, you need attested Birth Certificates as well.

  90. Dear Rathish, It is OK as long as the tenancy contract is in your name.

  91. Dear Sam, I don’t think there is a problem in that. You have to first consult both your countries missions.

  92. Hello sir , my profession is SALES, my total salary is 4000 plus accommodation provided and vehicle provided on labor contract. basic salary is 2000, is it possible me to sponsor my family for visa? please advise.

  93. DEAR SIR I have my visa from jebel ali Free zone dubai,with salary of AED 5250 .
    MY VISA Professional MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN daughters is older than 19 years,
    i can apply Visa for Family Residence Visa

  94. Hello there Mr. Ravoof,

    I have a question which you might be able to help. My salary is 6500 AED, I have all the documents except the EJARI/Tenancy contract. Is it possible to apply for a family visa for my wife and 2-year old daughter despite having a partition room only? We both know that an apartment in Dubai will cost around 4500 AED/month. Any suggestion that might help? Thanks in advance.

  95. Hi I just want to ask I sponsored my newborn baby’s under my name I am her mother and my position is secretary, I ma from abu dhabi. The Immigration officer ask me to go to typing cen with a “special case” note on my paper. After to the typing center I wnet back to him and he signed my application after that he asked me to got empost and get a sticker. The empost told me that after 12 days i will get the visa. Would that mean that my application is already approved and i will get the visa after 12 days or is it still under approval?

  96. My husband has 2600+accomodation …which is more than 4000 .is any possibility to get a family visa

  97. Hi I am from Abu dhabi I have a new born baby of 3 months and I applied for her visa under my sponsorship here in AUH. When I went to the immigration the immigration wrote a note on my docs a “special case” and then he asked me to go to typing center. And then after I went to the typing center I went back to him and signed my paper. After that he asked me to go to empost and the the empost said after 12 days somebody will call me. My question is does my application already approved? Should I just wait for the visa to be released or is it still under approval?

  98. Hello sir
    I cancelled my wife and daughter visa before 5 months now i want to again put visa but my licence expired i am a partner and i already refund my family visa gureenty 3000+3000
    Now what can i do sir

  99. I received the modification sms regarding my wife visa application, but in SMS nothing was clearly mention which document is missing.

    Just Others page 2 was written, Immigration guys and Typing center was also clueless on this SMS, but still since my wife was on visit visa and inside country so we have re submitted the application with tourist visa.

    Has anybody face same issue ?
    Please respond.

  100. is Follow up Clerk visa category can make Family Visa ? but my designation in the company is Accountant . please advise thanks

  101. Dear Sir,

    I would like to know. I am an Accountant my salary is 3350.00 AED + Accommodation provided by an company. Is it possible to apply for resident visa for my wife & child- one year old and i have all document which is ready with me include ejari.

  102. Hello, need help here. I hjust gave birth 2 months ago and we want to apply for the babies visa but salary of my husband is only 3500dhs. Can we possibly request to combine our salary just to get approved. I have 3000 salary also.

  103. Dear Ravoof,
    Is a long term (6 months) lease agreement with hotel is accepted for family visa. Does this lease agreement need any authentication or can be directly submitted.

  104. I m.working woman now i m pegnent …i leave with when born baby … tandency cintact my.bother name … i can issu visa this tandancy .. b/c my husband live in pakistan plz give me advice

  105. Dear Sir,

    Currently i am working in a private company in Dubai and going to join DEWA by the end of May 2017. My wife is under my sponsorship and working in Mashreq Bank under their work permit. Is there any possibility to cancel her visa without cancelling the work permit issued by the bank.

  106. Mr. Ravoof im on residence visa and just cancelled my visa but I have a car on my name and a bank account so can I keep it active and come back with other visa and do things later kindly update.
    If not then what shud I do shud I exit or shud I take a visa from Oman and come back.

  107. Mr. Ravoof if the contact is on the tenants name and if he goes out in his country and comes back after sometime after cancelling Visa and comes in visit visa and does all flat formalities like ending contact then is it ok?
    Kindly email me regarding the same.

  108. i want to get family visa for my daughter and my wife but my profession cloth sales and i have salary 2800 aed including but i received every month commission i got in every month salary 4000 aed plus i have so cani get family visa if i can get so what is the document requirement

  109. Hi sir …my husband is working as a pipe fitter in fujairah and his salary is around 4000. Can he sponsor me and my son? Is pipe fitter visa profession will be problem ? Pls give a reply sir…

  110. HI, I just heard that if we have a child than we suppose to have 1 BHK flat for getting wife & child visa. is it true?

  111. I have applied a visa for my son which is still in process my husband is not living in DUBAI. I am only sponsoring my son . Can he get it to the country while the app is accepted but not approved yet? He doesn’t need a visit visa I was thinking to bring him and he exits again when the visa status is changed . Can anyone tell me if it’s possible want to travel tmr asap

  112. Dear Ravoof,

    My visa is Accountant Assistant, and my salary is AED 10k but visa is from RAK because there was no quota for Dubai office. My work is in Dubai. Is it necessary for me to get visa process for my wife and tenancy contract to be from RAK? Some one told me that i can sponsor wife without tenancy contract if my visa is from RAK! Kindly guide me the path.

    Thanks and Regards,

  113. Hi Sir,

    I would like to sponsor my parents. But my salary is below 20k drhms per month. Rest its possible for me to get 2bhk flat and all. Recently I happened to hear there is no need for 20k drhms salary. They had mentioned like expats can approach the humanitarian desk at DNRD, which will look into all aspects of the individual case. Can you please let me know whether its possible to do so ??

  114. Hello sir, I am on job visa. Is it possible to take visa for the kid by my husband? If it is possible, what are the procedures to do?

  115. Hello Sir,
    I have Dubai Visa and i am working in Al Ain.
    I have Flat including electricity and water tenancy contract. is This contact is ok. and plz guide me which immigration i have to apply in Al Ain or i have to come in Dubai immigration office.and are attested documents required for visit visa also

  116. I am Dubai visa holder live in Abudhabi with wife and Son
    She is pregnant, delivery will be on August at Abudhabi.
    How to get Passport and visa for new born .

  117. Hello Sir, my family visa is expired, last year we bought an uncompleted property, the building just completed, we have to transfer the title deed name from developer to my husband name, can you advices what are the documents Can I submit if without title deed? Thanks.

  118. Dear ravoof sir
    My husband have administration manager visa and his salary is 5000 aed, he have all the documents which are required for family visa, we have 2 sons 1 is almost 3 years old and a 2 monts old,he recently rented a studio apartment which has a partition in the center its more like 1 bed apartment but mentioned as studio in tanency contract
    I want to know are we going to face any issues regarding salary and apartment, please help me in detail

  119. Dear Ravoof,

    I’m working in Free Zone (Trakhees) as sales executive and getting salary of 5000AED per month. On my contract also my salary is mentioned 5000AED with accomodation.

    I have perosnal bank account but my company don’t transfer salary into bank. We get cash salary.

    Will it affect to get visa for my wife and daughter?

    My company is offering me flat for me and my family and tenancy contract is on my Boss name? Will it get accepted or I must have tenancy contract on my name?

    Thank you

  120. I would like to renew employment visa for an employee in Ajman. How much it cost? Anyone available to do this service?

  121. Hi,
    I’ve a query regarding family visa. I was partner in two companies but I removed my partnership from one company but my visa is still under that company as partner but have name in another company as well. Is it possible I can sponsor my family for residence visa. What documents will be required.

  122. Dear Sir, My husband applied for residence visa for me and my son. The typing center did a spelling mistake. So,v canceld and reaplied for my visa… it has been 15 days, but no approval sms til now.. when v enquired, in immigration offices they say that it is under CID process.. v don’t get any guidance when v will receive my visa or whom v must meet. Kindly provide a clarification asap.

  123. Mr. Mohamed a lot of Visa Management companies do it. Please visit a local typing centre and ask them.

  124. Dear Mehmood. Scary is fine. They will ask for salary certificate for proof. Tenancy contract should be in your name. Please check typing centre and ask if it can be mentioned as company accommodation.

  125. Dear Nimra, Salary won’t be a problem. Please check regarding the accommodation since the children are quite young, they may allow, but since there are 2, it my be an issue.

  126. Dear Chew, Please check with RERA.

  127. Dear Anand, You would have to first get your birth certificate and then along with your IDs, submit an application for new passport.

  128. Dear Imran, Since you have a Dubai Visa you have to apply in Dubai, but for Visit visa, I think you can apply from ant typing centre. Please check in typing centre, sometimes there may be provision to apply for Dubai Visa too. Not sure.

  129. Dear Shahid, Yes he can. He has to apply for visa as usual with all necessary documents. Some Emirates require that the Birth Certificate be attested. If so, it will cost around AED 500 and take about 15 days. A lot of typing centres attest certificates.

  130. Sear Seethal, Yes you should approach DNRD for that.

  131. Dear Essa, I haven’t heard of getting visa from any emirate without a tenancy contract. You have to check that out. Regarding the apartment etc, you can have it in any emirate.

  132. Dear Haymi, Can you please update the status. Thanks.

  133. Dear Ronak, If your child is very young, they may let go with a studio. Please check anyways.

  134. Dear Sangeetha, Tell him to visit a typing centre close to him and ask. It varies in different emirates.

  135. Your salary is less. Check with a typing centre.

  136. Dear Mk, yes you can keep that as is. Nothing will happen.

  137. Dear Rajeev, Please tell her to check with the bank. I am sure they face this every time.

  138. Mr. Ravoof with free zone visa cancellation do they take emirates id card or we have to submit at aiport pls advice waiting.

  139. Dear Sir

    A small query … how much Salary is required for taking my wife to Sharjah

  140. Hi Sir,
    I’m under my father’s sponsorship. His visa expires in 2 months time whereas my visa expires in 4 months time. If my father’s visa is not renewed can I still stay in UAE until the expiry of my visa?

  141. Hi
    I am Taxi driver Dubai taxi, i have taken studio flat on rent in my name. i want to apply visa for my wife and son 4years old. I dont get salary, i get commission.

  142. For a inter religion married couple (muslim and non-muslim) at India with a marriage certificate, will it be considered as legal at UAE when I(muslim) try to raise a dependent visa for my wife(non-muslim). I have an opportunity to shift to Dubai on business deputation.

  143. I have a 6 yrs old daughter on my sponsorship and i am divorced and due to some problems i have to leave the country and i want to give the sponsorship to my father.. is it possible and how ?

  144. Hello
    Is it possible to share my father in law’s ejari when applying for family visa? We would be sharing the same house.Could you tell me how I can find out?
    Thank you

  145. Dear Sir ,

    What is the minimum salary required for ladies for sponsoring the spouse.

  146. Hello ravoof,
    We applied for family resident visa the application was processed but we did not recieve any confirmation mail, the women who processed the visa said that it will take 2 days and you’ll get the visa!!
    My question is as we dont recieve the confirmation mail will it be an issue?? And what if we dont get visa with in 2 days how many more days will it take??
    Thankyou waiting for your responce eagerly

  147. Hi My daughter had resident visa abu expired in 21.5.2017 and she dint enter UAE for 2 years.The same was cancelled yesterday so that i can make anew residence visa. Now my issue is she is 24 years old unmarried, will there be any difficulty in getting a residence visa.i work for semingovt and my salary is Aed 33000 should I approach.

  148. Hello,

    I’m going to start my work with a company in Dubai and my salary is 4000+ aed can I sponsor visa for my daughter since I ve no one to take care of her back in my home country.. And what are the charges since I have asked alot of people and everybody gives a different figure… Besides that my husband has applied for his business licence and I have no idea wen he would get it since ramadan is starting… Wat would be the procedure if he has to apply for my daughters visa… And what would be the cost…

  149. Mr, Ravoof,
    Can i know is it possible to renew a residence visa 3 months before its expiry, thanks

  150. SIR,

  151. Hi All,
    I working in Hamriyah Free zone Sharjah, my designation is Logistics Assistant. im having a gross salary 4600/-AED that includes all allowances. I would like to know, is it possible to apply for a family visa directly to emigration?? also i would like to know the requirements and total expences for applying the family visa for my wife and daughter.
    Appreciate your help in this matter

  152. Dear Mr. Ravoof,

    how can i sponsor my mother. am staying with my family ( wife and kid ) in abu dhabi. my father has expired. would like to take resident visa for my mother.Will there be any consideration, as she is alone back home ?. i have a tenancy contract under my name. what are the criterias for sponsoring parent?

  153. I am abu dhabi visa holder my family also holding abu dhabi visa. I got new job in Dubai. Any possibility to hold my family members visa (wife & children)

  154. I already cancelled my old visa under probationary period and I got new visa in Ajman free zone. How much long I can stay in here after cancellation

  155. I want to renew my daughter’s visa renewal (12 years), my tenancy contract is not registered due to financial problem. Please advise.

  156. Dear sir,
    My husband renew my resident visa last may 29 but until now were not recieving any sms,we went to dnrd and they told us just to wait for the sms.were clueless if its approve or rejected pls let me know guys if someone is facing the same issue thanks!

  157. Hello, I am Glenda my position is Planning Coordinator with 9k salary. Can I sponsor my husband and children? is my position and salary qualified?

  158. Hi, what is the process if my wife has to sponsor the child. She has Abu Dhabi visa. Is th process simple and do they generally allow that.

  159. I need to apply visa for my wife & son, I am working in Al Tayer profession archives clerk salary 4500, How can I apply.

  160. Dear Sir,

    my uncle and family staying in dubai.he is an Engineer, age over 65.
    Uncles visa renewed as per company request. aunty’s visa expire next month she is also more than 65 (in uncles sponsorship). have any problem to renew aunty’s visa?

  161. Hi Mr.Ravoof,

    I recently have taken employment in Dubai. The company sent me an employment entry permit initially which i used to get in. My salary is 20K. My profession is a Compute Engineer in my unlimited employment contract. My wife (25yrs) and baby (7months) came along with me to Dubai on a 90-day Tourist visit visa valid for a period of 3 months (taken from a tourisim agency in India). We are currently staying in a company provided accomodation in a hotel at DIC. My date of joining was 28th June 2017. I have received my scanned copy of my passport with my resident visa stamping done, yet to received my orginial passport from my employer. My EIDA is still under process and should be done post my stamping. I am yet to find an apartment after finishing my hotel stay? I have already attested our marriage certificate and baby’s birth certificate in India itself from State Dep+MOFA+UAE Embassy.Questions are;

    1. Considering my wife and little baby, can I look for a studio or a 1BHK apartment so as to not face issues with their resident visa applications?
    2. What is the process for the status change from the visit visa to a resident visa for them under my sponsorship?
    3. What do I need to ask at the typing center which is important in my scenario?
    4. Would they cancel my 3 month tourist visa as issue a new resident entry permit since my wife and baby are with me inside dubai?
    5. As I have already spent for their 3 month tourist and would like to make full use of the visa, can I start the status change application 15 days before the 90-day visit visa expiry or should be initiated a month before?
    6. How long does the status change process take?
    7. Are salary slips mandatory? As this is my first week, would i have to wait for 2 months to get my salary slips to then apply for their visa change?

    Appreciate your response to my queries. Thanks in advance.

  162. Hi sir,

    How many days it will take to get the residence visa after the proper submission of application..

  163. Hi sir gud day! I want to ask if posible to apply residen visa for me & my baby 2yrs old my husband work in dubai as a driver but the visa was sharja freezon salary 4100 dhs and no tenancy.please advice.thank you so much

  164. hello ravoof family gone India on march . 2017 on medical purpose they will be come oct2017 I thinks its almost 7 month in oct its any possibility to come same visa . or must need new visa processing …

  165. Hello! Sir, I am a Mother wanted to sponsor my child 10 years old. I fullfil all the requirement except her father’s NOC. He is not in UAE and absconding. Do you know any legal procedure to address this case. Please be informed , we are not divorced yet and process is also not going on.
    It is not possible to get NOC. I will appreciate your valuable advice in this regard , Thanks & Regards,

  166. Iam site basic salary 1350 others 1150 Accommodation1000 Transportation1000 Total 4500
    Can i get the family visa??? Pls reply me!!!

  167. Hi Ravoof,
    We both are working in UAE and now we are planning to bring our son(3 years) in UAE. What are the documents we need submit.
    Thank you for your time, consideration, and forthcoming response.

  168. Sir,
    My family medical insurances is delay by my company last 50 days and visa staming also delay because of insurances last 50 days.i want to know only how much the fine per day.please replay me its urgent for me .

  169. Hello sir, I would like to know information regarding family visa my salary is 4500 only I know that I can sponsor my spouse and 2year child mrg certificate n birth certificate rental agreement apart from theses docs I should submit 3months bank statement right in this statement salary must be through wps or is it OK with company cheque bcoz we r having problem with wps so company giving cheque. Please confirm me and please advise if any other docs required

  170. And my visa designation is sales Executive

  171. Hi Mr. Ravoof,

    My wife and my son is under my visa in AUH. If i will move to a FREE ZONE visa can i sponsor them as well for renewal? The tenancy contract in the house is under my Mother In Law name but all of our name was mention on the contract that is why i am able to sponsor them. Can you give me some insight with this.

  172. Is it possible for a store keeper to sponsor family..all other requirements are ok including salary

  173. Dear Mr. Ravoof,

    I would like to sponsor my wife and my new born baby to visa was issued from Dubai. my salary is 5.5k inclusive all the allowance. My visa category is sales coordinator. If I make a tenancy agreement for studio apartment is that going to be OK to obtain the visa for both. Also, I have already added spouse name on my passport after marriage , do I still need to attest my marriage certificate while applying for resident visa. Can I attest all the documents from India apart from ejari ….

    Your advice will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!!


  174. Studio is ok for baby with family. You will need to attest your marriage certificate. Yes you can attest in India. You just need to know where all you have to. Im not sure. Please check with any typing centre. If the cost doesn’t vary then it is best you attest from here. I think it costs around AED 450 for marriage certificate. It might vary.

  175. You have to check with tasjeel centres to find out.

  176. It is best you visit a Tasjeel or typing centre to find out.

  177. dedar sir … from pakistan and um going to dubai for my job according to my contract my besic salary is uae 5000 .designation environmental engineer..kindly tell me after how much time i can apply for family visa..and can i servive with 5000 uae with family

  178. hi,

    i am thing to apply family visa for my wife and 1 children and my current salary it 5300AED,
    and profession its follow up clerk . could you please suggest me either if i can apply for family visa i can eligble or not?

  179. Hi,

    Again this is Nazir

    my marriage certificate it has been attest in Qatar embassy earlier i was in Qatar with my family. recently i came Dubai so it required to attest in Dubai embassy for residence visa ? and also i had registered my name in my wife passport so could you please advise to go next step

  180. Dear Mr.Ravoof,
    I have seen all Above But i have also the same type please help me below content
    As i working as a supervisor visa and my salary mentioned as 3000 AED in the agreement under sharjha /UAE but my company pay 1000 to me as house allowance but it is not mention in the agreement pay me additional so please advise me my wife visa can i sponsor. and please tell what has to require to sponsor my wife visa .if it possible can you mobile number sir i will call you and get more information .

    Thanking you
    With regards

  181. hi

    i am waiting for information

  182. Hi Mr. Ravoof,
    I want to bring my wife here in Dubai
    Is it mandatory the room agreement is in my name. My room agreement is with company name where i am working. is this enough??

  183. Nazir

    HI sir i am waiting for your kind reply.


  184. my visa as in passport ‘sales’ can i apply family visa for my wife and baby

  185. Dear Sir,
    I need some information my profession in residence is Archive Clark can I apply for family resistance visa.
    Please confirm me the Archive Clark eligible or ineligible for family visa

  186. Hi Mr Ravoof

    i’ve been living in a company accommodation for last 3 years and the accommodation and all bills are under the name of the company/sponsor. I am planning to get my wife and child to dubai and my basic salary is over 5000 + accommodation. As per the law, i need to have a tenancy contract under my name. How can this be resolved if the accommodation is under the name of the sponsor? do they accept that if the sponsor gives a stamped letter stating that ?

  187. Hi
    how long does it take to verify and approve new visa application. I have applied for my son.

  188. Hi Mr. Ravoof

    My question is my childrens visa is valid up to April 2018 I want to renew it early by December coz they are traveling and they might be back may or last week of April 2018 is it possible to renew it early? second question is my ejari is valid till April 2018 is this still valid? coz my next renewal is on April 2018 i cannot have new one and Lasty their insurance is valid also up to April 2018 do i need to renew it early? thats all sir sorry about too much question hoping for your kind reply. Thanks in advance.

  189. My profession Goods receiving and delivery clerk, salary 4100, is it possible to sponsor wife

  190. Hello sir,

    can i sponsor my wife with a total salary of 6500 all inclusive? what will be the approximate cost of whole procedure?
    my emirates id and visa is expiring soon (in 20 days) can i apply within this time or i have to wait to renew it and then apply for visa?

    kindly let me know

  191. am a safety officer, can i sponsor my wife

  192. Hi Mr, Ravoof,

    I have a dubai visa, i want to apply for spouse visa, I am staying in abudhabi, i have a tenancy contract in my name but water & electricity not in my name. Can i get a dubai visa for my wife with that contract.

  193. Hello M Ravoof

    My visa has been cancelled and I have begun to exceed the grace period as well. My wife and kids visas also have been cancelled and they have till the 11th of Dec to exit. I have recently got a job offer but the visa is under process, since I lost my job 3 months back.In this scenario, what would you recommend-to send them back now or apply for a 1 month visit visa till i get my visa and Tenancy contract matter sorted out.
    Many Thanks

  194. HI MR. Ravoof.
    my residence visa in Dubai and working in Dubai. To sponsor my family , is it require tendency contract attested. will it be approved if tendency contract in sharjah?

  195. Dear Ravoof,

    Still I waiting for your kind reply Pls.

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