World Environment Day 2010. Many species, one planet, one future!

World Environment Day (WED) 2010

What have I done on this day that I will remember for a lifetime? Plant a tree? Clean the environment? etc. Nothing!

We all want a world that is clean, has beautiful forests abundant with wild animals, rich vegetation, huge trees, rainfall, etc. We have come to take it for granted the wonderful creation of the Almighty. We as human beings have destroyed land and forest. Destroyed rivers and oceans. Polluted the air we breathe. Poisoned the drinking water and much more.

What we sow is what we reap. Wise words once said which holds true today. With entire forest covers removed, oceans covered with oil spills, continuous use of too much pesticides and fertilizers etc has had a gigantic effect on our environment. Now we see the deadly after effects – climate change, global warming, destruction of wildlife, marine life destroyed, famine everywhere, poverty, pollution, disease and so on.

We should respect the land we live in. My dad once told me – Everything around you concerns you. Wise words indeed and I try my best to follow whenever possible. Care for the environment is a must. Everyone should be educated about the ill effects of not caring. People should become more aware of the environment. Our best asset – Children, should be taught very effectively about protecting the environment. We should make it a point to teach each other that the environment is top priority.

Let’s start today. Let’s start small. Let’s take the first step. Let’s save the environment.

Some things we can do to help

1. Stop littering everywhere! No please stop. Just because no one is around to see or fine you doesn’t mean you can litter. Please use the bin. I make it a point and if there is no bin I carry it around till I find one. I also NEVER let anyone who is with me litter. They hate me for that, but I give a damn.

2. Stop other people from littering. You may not make friends this way though!

3. Reuse or recycle as much as possible.

4. Try to plant trees wherever possible. It doesn’t cost much to get a sapling.

5. DO NOT cut down small trees. If you have a big garden, trees provide shade and cooling. Grow trees in your house.

6. Do not pollute the water. Rivers, lakes, seas, beaches.

7. Avoid polluting vehicles if you can. Try walking to your neighbourhood grocery for once!

8. Educate your children and family about the environment.

9. Start to use natural sources of energy – wind, solar

10. Conserve energy – switch of unnecessary lights, fans, AC etc. Less carbon emission.

11. Use less paper. Recycle paper. Use recycled paper.

12. STOP using polythene bags when shopping. Try to carry a bag with you. Try using weed bags like jute. Refuse plastic bags from the grocery, department etc. Tell your friends too.

13. Don’t encourage events which support destruction of the environment – Formula 1, speed boat racing, racing in any form which involves gas emission. Stop watching TV channels with these events.

The list doesn’t stop here. You get the point by now.

You don’t need to do good to show that you care for the environment, but by just NOT doing bad itself is a huge step.

By not destroying the environment, you are protecting it. Please care for the environment and let this be a step forward in saving the earth for a better future for us and for our children.

In the words of MJ – Heal the world. Make it a better place. For you and for me and the entire human race.

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